Government, Constitution, and Your Rights

  Your Government Sites  

Official US website

The White House.
Links to major US Govt Depts, West Wing news, photos,

US Department of Defense

Links to each military branch, great photos, Mil News

Private site on all things Military

Immigration & Naturalization News

CIA's Best website

Library of Congress

A-Z list of Government Agencies

Official blog of the USA (State Dept)
Send condolences to disastered countries HERE!

  Contact the Congress - all states

 a new website of state and federal links... and more. Check it!

Norman Rockwell's Paintings
Four Freedoms

Many Photos WWII Pacific Theater, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima and other places.    

Vietnam War Resources -

a comprehensive website

The Hill.  Right leaning Congressional daily paper; News and opinion about the process, ,the politics, the Washington scene, lobbying.

 The Constitution and Your Rights  

...the ACLU and Govt Watchdogs

The Bill of Rights is to protect you from your neighbors... to protect the INDIVIDUAL from the tyranny of the PEOPLE, and their ELECTED OFFICIALS!!

US Constitution's Bill of Rights -
Kansas Constitution's Bill of Rights
Missouri Constitution's Bill of Rights
Geneva Conventions

 Fighting for Your Rights  

What makes America great is the US Bill of Rights for individuals.  
Sometimes we must be assertive to GET them from heavy handed officials!

And the problem with not voting, is you get Corporations running the country!

Click to Read Wikipedia on this famous cold war saying that could mean resistance against ANY oppressive big government, whether Communist, Socialist or Corporatist! The question is this:
Is it better than Dead? or Dead than Red? Are you willing give up your Liberty for Absolute Safety?? If you ARE... then Al Qaeda has already won!

  ACLU lawyers fight for your rights 
The American Civil Liberties Union 

The American Civil Liberties Union
Freedom Can't Protect Itself!   Oddly enough, Conservatives and the Right Wing who claim to be patriots wanting SMALLER Government, don't like the ACLU.
How Strange!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the ACLU and your rights! Including advice on AIRPORT SEARCHES!!!

Center for Constitutional Rights   A non profit law firm advocating for Constitutional Rights

New Civil Rights Movement

  You and the Law and the Courts   Stuff about lawyers, legal issues, how things work, finding a lawyer and more.

7 Rules for Recording the police without them getting even with you

  OKAY THEN.  Now...  

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