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Battle at Kruger (most watched, 59m views)
Betty Boop: Kansas City Kitty Classic 30s cartoon
Best Glue Commercial Ever

Bill Maher on Freedom of Speech
George Carlin on Old Age

Unbelievable helicopter Driving
Funny Condom Commercial

CBS News: Special Ed Basketball Star
The Stethescope

Conway on Carson
George Gobel on Carson
Carol Burnett - Tim Conway

Lowest Price Tooth extraction
Chinese Whitney Houston Boy

Chinese Breast Implant Recall
Piano Video: The Black Keys

Buy Buy American Pie
WWII Aircraft Carriers

Letterman Works the Taco Window
Evolution of Dance

Charlie Bit Me
4year old Gymnist

Superfast Space Painter
3yr old Conducts Beethoven's Fifth

Facebook: Getting Poked
Avatar Sex

Farting around Times Square (Funny)
Rebecca Black's "Friday" Music Video

Britain's Got Talent: Susan Boyle
Little YodelGirl
Americas Got Talent: Little Girl Big Voice
Britain's Got Talent: Natalie 10
Paul Bott sings Nessun Dorma
Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply

Dog Dinner for One
Anesthesiologists Sing

100 Most Viewed Composite
The Beauty of Mathematics

Extreme Pooljump
Space Shuttle Flight Deck 360 degree pan
Ameriquest: Don't judge too fast

Put the Spark back in your Cat
Rat Pack Sings Birth of the Blues

Sister Myotis on Thongs (hundreds of great videos)

Whitney Houston sings National Anthem
Academies do National Anthem
5 little girls do National Anthem
Aretha Sings National AnthemRay Stevens Immigration Song

Kiss' Gene Simmons Tribute9-11 Music Tribute I Believe

The Worlds Jetliners in 1 Day
US Jetliners in 1 Day

Opera: Duet of the Cats
Jackie Evancho - songbird

Dean Martin: Drunk Pilot
Presidential Military Van

Writing Hand Written Emails

Born Again Music Video
NFL Fantasy Football tricks

Betty White Jokes about Palin
GrandPa Japan Video joke

The Toy Christmas Train
Musical Stage Act

MTV Free Music Videos
Star Wars Help Desk

Night Carrier Landings
Justin Bieber likes

Animated Sinatra Spoof

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