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Science-Technology-Math  DIY  
How to Tricks

The MIND Unleashed
Educating YOURSELF... dozens of free UNIVERSITY LEVEL education links here.  A major site.

nutrition and other alt news
Ancient mysteries in history

2010 US CENSUS by county w/demos

Used Cars that seem to last forever....

About: Freebees -online books
All My Faves - links by topics

 S t y l e    hair, clothes


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  INDUSTRY  Sites    

online news about health care

online news about education


articles, essays, books and blogs of note

The most well-known community knowledge site.    
Wiki Answers 
 really dumb questions you
wouldn't want to ask your friends

Wikipedia: List of Common Misconceptions

Forbes Business
Respected site for
 business leaders  
Pay site to find your dead kin

Travel Channel

    Birth of Technology: 100 Years of IBM

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Vietnam War Resources
 a comprehensive website

Life in Legacy - photo obituaries
 with biographies

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Web MD


Healthy living, Organic eating, weight loss

  SCIENCE Sites    


Science is just a way of thinking

   Shoot & Scan Better Photos
Which is a better picture?   Fix your pictures, scan better, and shoot better photos in seconds, with free software.   Here's how! 

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Wordpress Award Winning News Photos 
1955-present (many are wrenching)

HP/Adobe/Microsoft product

Photoshop, Photo classes, Word, Excel, Windows 7, Project
Vista, EMAIL basics, and more.  CHECK IT!


Writers handy guide for spelling, phrases, rules and a lot more.

Rhymer's Dictionary for poets/songwriters

College bound

Best Free
Online Courses

Underground edu

free online courses from academia
 all the best


Popular Black Style Magazine



the Root

Black News.Com
 - guide to black publications

 - a history site 
Fun place to explore.

 Pew Research
reputable, interesting opinion polls

Quick ref dictionary,
thesaurus, translator, quotations

OLIVE OIL: Calms diaper rash, moisturizer, eye-makeup remover, frizz calmer...
Differences between over the counter pain meds.

 Save 25pct on your medical bills

Library Card:  A huge movie and music moneysaver
 VIDEO: How to use an Eastern (Indian) toilet... where they don't have toilet paper! 

Lots of cool stuff for kids.

Museum of TV Archives  video links to the 'vast wasteland' of pgms, news, commercials

Crime Website

The Smoking Gun is a website that posts legal documents, arrest records, and police mugshots on a daily basis.

 great UFO photos  and other weirdisms

Art of Manliness - a HOW TO of machismo--
especially helpful to computer nerds!

Free download of Meditation Music - Meditation society of Australia - multiple cuts

Forvo Prounciation Guide

40 Yiddish INSULTS you should know 

Unsolved Mysteries - good jewish putdowns, plus religious, psychic, Oija, and more really off the wall stuff Popular insults, comebacks, putdowns in multiple languages

Wanna see what a TRILLION DOLLARS looks like?

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