Nov 24, 2015

STORY OF THE WEEK: TRUMP a pathological LIAR but the MEDIA REFUSES to SAY IT. Here's why.

From the DAILY BEAST... picking up on a story MSNBC broke Monday.  Bill O'Reilly jumped Trump on this one Monday.    Another TRUMP LYING WHOPPER story, even bigger, below this one!
The Donald is ‘controversial’ but never flat-out wrong in the press, because it cares more about being ‘fair’ and ‘objective’ than anything else.

On Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump retweeted an objective lie. The lie claimed that 81 percent of murdered white people are killed by black people. In truth, 84 percent of murdered white people are murdered by other white people, almost the exact opposite the claim. Not only were the statistics wrong, but the tweet cited the “Crime Statistics Bureau—San Francisco.”
This organization doesn’t exist.
The bureau was the creation of a white supremacist on Twitter, advancing a racist meme with a  lie. Trump hasn’t taken down the tweet, apologized, or even acknowledged it.
But because of the way the Internet values its information, Donald Trump lied again, and he will once again get away with it.
Here were the headlines from mainstream outlets about Trump’s entirely made up piece of information:
“Trump Tweet on Black Crime Sets Off Firestorm,” wrote Fox News.
“Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Questionable ‘USA Crime Statistics’ Tweet Broken Down by Race,” wrote the New York Daily News.
“Trump Takes Heat for Tweet About Black Murder Rates,” wrote The Hill.
Noticeably absent from these headlines was that Donald Trump’s tweet was entirely fabricated. The Hill’s doesn’t even dig into the credibility of the statistics until the ninth paragraph.
Donald Trump lied. And yet traditional news organizations can’t or won’t call him that in the name of “objectivity”—appearing to favor one party over another—even if one candidate is spreading a rumor that unfairly maligns an entire race.
“The incentive for candidates [to lie] is that most media outlets don’t have the resources to check for accuracy immediately, but since the U.S. news media is based on the commercial model—and more eyeballs on the page or the screen is good for business—the networks love it when someone like Donald Trump says outrageous stuff,” Michelle Amazeen, an assistant communications professor at Rider University, told The Daily Beast.
“Fact-checking rains on the parade of that revenue model.”
Trump’s candidacy turned misinformation into ammunition in just four easy steps.
Amazeen co-authored a study for the American Press Institute that largely had great things to say about fact-checking. Prevalent fact-checking operations like Politifact or do, in fact, serve as a deterrent for candidates who are thinking about lying during an election cycle, she and her co-authors found.
But when a candidate figures out that he can say whatever he wants in order to advance a narrative and can have immediate benefits—and knowingly exploits it—all bets are off.
“Beyond being ineffective, correcting claims about a highly controversial issue can actually backfire. People who are diehard believers hold their beliefs even more firmly when those beliefs are challenged,” Amazeen wrote earlier this year in The Washington Post.


MONDAY, Rachel calls Trump a liar.    But ya have to watch Rachel's entire hour.  MSNBC doesn't produce timely, internet-ready single story exerpts, so here's CNN's since they do:  Check it!

Time for the Rest of the Media to Label Donald Trump as a Liar

Most, but not all, media seems to be having a problem calling Donald Trump a liar. I'm sure that it's against their editorial standards to call anyone a liar, but that's what he is. A dirty, nasty, bigoted, fascist liar.
Rachel Maddow came the closest anyone has gotten to calling his latest claims a lie on her show Monday.
And this, from Benjy Sarlin, would be perfect if only he had used the word "LIE" instead of "falsehood."
The last few days have been dizzying. On Saturday, Trump told a crowd in Alabama that “thousands and thousands of people were cheering” on 9/11 in Arab neighborhoods in Jersey City as the World Trade Center came down. There is no evidence this ever happened; the mayor, the police, locals, researchers who have investigated the claims, and officials in nearby cities like Paterson, with large Arab and Muslim communities, say it’s a phony rumor that’s hung around for years.
The closest approximation The Washington Post could dig up was one academic researcher who found unconfirmed reports of a handful of teens shouting in front of a South Paterson library. Presented with evidence on ABC News contradicting his claim, Trump responded that he had personally seen it happen on television. “People over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down,” he said.
On the other hand, CNN twisted itself into a pretzel to avoid calling Trump the lying fascist that he is.
Donald Trump twice repeated over the weekend that he saw people cheering in New Jersey after the September 11 attacks -- but his claims are being widely disputed as false.
Come on, CNN. Grow a pair and call it what it is -- A LIE. A dirty, disgusting, racist lie intended to light a fire in the souls of Trump's brownshirt brigade.
After all, when you lose Laura Ingraham, you've lost this round. Just hold his feet to the fire and make him admit he made it up to feed the trolls in his audience.
See the rest...and the video on the link.


  Radioman says:  My take is that Trump's goose is cooked.   A narcissistic pathological liar and America won't stand for that... they've had enough lying politicians, even ones who look you right in the camera and say them with SUCH sincerity!