May 24, 2015

After watching this video... what will you do differently?

After you see this, what are you going to do different?

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

May 13, 2015

Logitech, like so many corporations build FIREWALLS to keep CUSTOMERS AWAY!

Just another reason why Republicans and their corporate morons need to be keep so AWAY from us!

Try getting help from Logitech.   Their website is designed to keep you away from them.  Clearly a corporate policy!

May 11, 2015

Brave New Films Documentary: The story of FOX's Propaganda Machine. Dare to not read this?

Rupert Murdoch and what he's doing to America to promote Business owning Government

Published on Dec 22, 2014
Outfoxed shows how the Fox News channel is used to promote and advocate right-wing views. SUBSCRIBE Follow Robert Greenwald Celebrate 10 years of Brave New Films with our Boxed Set: WATCH MORE:

3:09 During the first few years that Murdoch's ownership of Fox's DC affiliate, he had a hands-off approach to new content; partially due to their success. One day orders came from Murdoch's offices that the network should cut away from their regularly scheduled program and broadcast the RNC's fawning tribute to Reagan: "we were ordered, from the top, to carry propaganda; Republican, right-wing propaganda". It foreshadowed what Fox News would later become.

6:30 Former Fox News reporters and bookers say that they are afraid to be seen "talking to the wrong people". Working for Fox meant you were constantly being monitored. It created a culture of fear. If you challenged the heads of the network On ideological matters, you were history.

10:45 “Some People Say” – FOX uses the phrase "some people say" to mask opinion as news.

19:04 Fox News contributors are under paid contract for their appearance; if they deviate from the party lines, they might not get asked back onto shows.

21:22 Fox News went after Richard Clarke as soon as it was apparent that he was going to paint the Bush administration in a bad light. For Fox News, "mudding" arguments is almost as good as winning them. So, they didn't need to definitely prove that Clarke, a former member of the Bush Administration, was angling for a position in a Kerry Whitehouse, they just had to make it look like a possibility.

22:28 They put weak-looking , lesser known liberals up against photogenic, self-assured conservatives.

26:29 Republicans accounted for 83% of the guests while Democrats accounted for 17% of guest on the network's most prestigious show. Of those democrats, most were either centrist or conservative.

27:50 Stories they Cover...Stories they Ignore - Management set the tone for stories: Jesse Jackson was always to be painted in a negative light, as were immigrants. Culture war issues - abortion, affirmative action, gay marriage - were often covered while ignoring issues regarding the economy, health care, and the environment.

34:38 O'Reilly's show is a good example of everything that is wrong with Fox News --
Stories are selected to prop-up the Republican party and their point of view; O'Reilly is very hostile to guest who disagrees with him; and he distorts and misrepresent things.

42:00 Many Fox News stories are meant to generate fear; for example, stories about what to do if there's a "dirty bomb" attack. Fear is a great motivator and organizer; even when there is no real evidence for it. Terrorism is the ultimate fear-baiting; and when people are fearful, they are more likely to support military interventions. Talking about terrorism also means that you can avoid talking about other issues, like the economy.

46:29 Fox made the decision to present the Iraq war as a success. "The senior producer told the two or three writers for her news hour...'now, just keep in mind that it's all good. This is such a fair and balance issue. Keep it positive. We got to emphasize all the good we are doing".

48:43 Knowledge Networks Poll - It's a simple survey about fact regarding current events. The more likely people were to watch Fox News, the more misinformed they were and the more likely they were to back the Bush Administration.

50:49 Fox News repeats and propagates the Republican Party platform. It was widely known that the Fox reporter covering the 2000 Bush campaign was married to a Bush campaigner. This wouldn't have been allowed at CNN.

52:47 Election Night 2000 - The first guy to call the election for Bush was the head of Fox's New's election analyze division; Bush's first cousin. He called it a clear win, when in fact it was too close too call.

59:16 The Republican send out "the message of the day" so that conservative talk radio, Fox News, and Republican elected officials will all be talking about the same issues, in the same way.

58:41 2004 Election; coverage of Bush was always glowing, while Kerry was shown in a negative light.

1:02:51 During the 2004 election, Fox News painted a very rosy picture of the American economy and by selecting statistics which showed just that. Of course, they credited Bush for the "good" economy. When the stock market had a bad day, they claimed it was because of fear over the prospect of a Kerry presidency.

1:05:28 Murdoch is foremost a politician and this is what makes him dangerous.

1:06:57 The Fox Effect - It made other news organization more conservative because they saw how well Fox did.

1:09:13 A Call to Action - Media control is a political issue. People need to demand accuracy.

BraveNewFilm Documentary: KOCH Brother's Exposed so you can realize how the've taken over your MIND!

Dare you to actually learn how these billioniares screw with your head just because they can afford to do it as a rich guy's hobby?

The Link:

Brave New Films   FB Link 

Bernie Sanders lays the SMACKDOWN on #Koch Social Security lies.
Social Security is NOT in danger of going bankrupt! Bernie Sanders lays the SMACKDOWN on #Koch Social Security lies. WATCH the full film, Koch Brothers Exposed free:
Posted by Brave New Films on Friday, May 8, 2015

May 9, 2015

Bring Social Security into the new millenium with PHOTO/Print SS Cards NOW!

So many problems about phony ID's, forged work permits, payment of taxes, alleged voter fraud.

When will the US govt show some leadership and create a law requiring periodic issuing of hard-to-forge photo ID's linked to a big database accessible for employers, schools, hospitals, governments, etc.

A precursor to Immigration reform laws bringing illegals out of the shadows into the same light the REST of us must stand in!!    And stiff penalties for employers and employees not going above board with W-2's, 1099's and all the rest.   And anyone working in the US failing to file Tax Returns, and collecting for Social Security and Medicare.   And getting health care coverage anywhere.

They should be issued by hospitals at or near BIRTH (since SSAN's are required for parental tax filings,  reissue by public schools on entry (like age 5, and first job card at 15, then 21, 35, 50, etc... at drivers license offices, post offices, other official agencies capable of access, database verification, etc.    And border crossings of people entering at the gates.  etc.

May 8, 2015

How about a little golden oldie music video?

Koch Bros. - They're The Evil Thing
Parody of "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" - the classic Coke commercial from the early 70's, targeting the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch. Yes, they have power, and they literally have money to burn. But remember, the Koch Brothers wasted $400 million dollars of their own fortune trying but failing to defeat President Obama's re-election in 2012, and trying but failing to defeat the Affordable Care Act. Since April 25, 2014), the video has been shared over 44,000 times! It's going viral! Thanks, everyone!
Posted by Bill Tong on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

May 3, 2015

Why the Right Wing Media coverup police abuse? For what purpose? Who's pushing them?

FIRST, the FOX TRICKERY BEFORE A TRIAL to trash the Baltimore kid who got his neck broken in police custody:

--actually, FOX's anonymous accusation was a strong charge that should have been attributed ON THE RECORD if they were a responsible news outlet. . And verified by a second source... (ya know like REAL reporters did back int he day? --"All the Kings Men" against Nixon) Otherwise they're just a pro-cop propaganda outlet.

I can't believe Megyn, others, and Hannity shilling to defend police on the air without knowing the facts and before the trial.  What's the hurry?  It's like they convicted the administration without knowing the facts about Benghazi--all to be discredited by Republicans in Congress who found nothing after months of 'investigating.'

How can Fox faces sleep at night shilling for their right wing companies point of view? No doubt asking the questions they want asked, making side comments they want made. Everything you should have learned in journalism school NOT to do!

Fox does a brazen attempt to discredit a dead victim with an unsubstantiated and unattributed report-- none of which has anything to do with his wrongful death.

  And even now they raise all the discredited first night controversies, just to muddy up the waters and confused their viewers --- as of to create some reasonable doubt in viewer minds because of their one-sided reporting!  

We saw the same thing with Fox's token black reporter on Thursday night, not listening as he interviewed, but just arguing with the crowd

And then after that superficial questioning, Hannity actually called his propaganda a 'good report.'   The token black reporter was an outrageous attempt to incite those he was interviewing and ignoring their concerns.   They told him over and over what they thought... but he just ignored them because it wasn't sensational enough and didn't follow FOX's thinking.

We're just seeing Fox do what they do so often. Convict people on the air with secret sources and innuendo. That's not justice or journalism. Thats grocery store tabloid stuff just like your owner Rupert Murdoch did back in London before they ran him out of the country and charged some of his people!

It's like they're selling our country and the people out for MONEY and sensation. A Kangaroo Court on cable TV! All the while they hide behind our revered 1st amendment.

Sadly this kid with the broken neck is dead so he can't sue Fox for defamation and force them to go public with their 'anonymous' source.    Fox was more interested in protecting their SECRET SOURCE---which was both highly suspect and also too boring to listen to.   It filled up Megyn's show, whether it made any sense to viewers or not.

Trashing the kid with a secret source to make Fox's moron viewers think he doesn't DESERVE humane treatment?   Is THAT journalism or propaganda DISGUISED as Journalism?  

Any reasonable person would conclude no matter WHAT he DID, he didn't deserve to have his neck broken in the back of a paddywagon.    Please don't say YOU DON'T GET THIS? That is UTTERLY UNJUST IN AMERICA.

Why does FOX and the right take sides when the case is already headed to court?

Is Fox and the right just advocating that any black should be hanged from a tree? Is it racist or pro police, or pandering to their Southern redneck aging viewers and readers?   Just WHO is actually playing the race card here?

Why don't they TEACH their viewers/ readers MORALITY rather than playing to their IMMORALITY for ratings?

Why don't they just calm down and let the justice system do what we pay them to do, rather than influence them like some trickster defense lawyer looking to impeach the victim on TV even before it goes to trial?

Is FOx and their Conservative site friends  trying to turn viewers into a hanging mob...or do what's right.   Teach them to respect our concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' in so many cases.   And not just blindly trust police who clearly have sown they can't be blindedly trusted!

Fox's Hannity, was quick to say over and over that Ferguson's case wasn't about "Hands UP, Don't shoot" and "Black lives Matter." I agree, it wasn't an airtight case, with little forensics, no video and secret proceedings.   They chose to ignore the larger issue so to discredit the protestors.

The same week, the older man IN NYC, murdered in video while the police got off with no charges...and the dutiful union defending their cops no matter what the video showed. Talk about a case of Rico racketeering! Hello Justice Department?

Looking more broadly, which is what blacks say so often they're doing, Fox chosen to ignore what blacks are saying...that it's LARGER than Ferguson. They just don't don't want that on their air because it contradicts their dogma, so they parry it and change the subject.

Who DO you work for, Fox?

Who wants this horrible national problem in so many cities dismissed so badly for you to sell out what little journalistic ethics you still have? Tell us, Megyn! Your loyal viewers deserve the truth.