Aug 19, 2015

Learning where to find out what's ACTUALLY GOING ON in your local and state gumments.

(This is mostly for Kansans and Missourians but it might help you WHEREVER you live. It's reprinted but modified from my post on KCTV5 Kansas City which was good enough to not delete, I guess because they decided it was in good intent, and useful.) HERE IT IS Click on em!)

Actually, Brad, I have a couple blog/referral sites, tho not state news for Missouri and Kansas as you suggest.   Unlike KC TV stations, I don't have reporters and satellite trucks to drive to Jefferson City and Topeka weekly to watchdog and make our politicians behave.   Sending a reporter and engineers to the capital is EXPENSIVE for stations.

WHY KC STATIONS DON"T COVER THE NEWS.    About our Kansas City area, its TWO STATES and dozens of counties, cities, and school districts. That's harder. TV stations covering more than ONE STATE have it very harder to please their viewers. It takes a lot of work to even list them, much less send reporters out to FIND OUT WHAT'S going on there, without an intimidating cameraman tagging along to put people on the spot!   Worse, Johnson County KANSAS viewers don't really CARE about stories in Lee's Summit MISSOURI across town.   And Vice Versa, which is why other than weather and the most SENSATIONAL murders, TV News isn't really all that interesting.The hardest part of being in TV is that it requires VIDEO. It's impossible to send reporters out to actually FIND the news, much less grab a photographer and create video stories with interviews for tonight's 6pm news!    No staff to news-gather, so they just don't search for it at all, unless they have an interview talking head already set up.  They hold their few reporters in RESERVE to cruize in LIVE TRUCKS to do live shots  at 5, 6, and 10pm on a close by, predictable ghetto murder.

1.  First very little LOCAL news is very important in a big urban area.   Start with National and World, which local stations dont even TRY to cover.   Don't expect TV to do it... they just can't do it on the fly because they need that video!   So they have redefined what news ACTUALLY IS that's convenient for their abilities.

-- GOOGLE my "RADIOMANKC" and click on "BEST LINKS."
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Missouri and Kansas political and media sources.   You'll see the top state officials and Congressional Reps and senators very active on their facebook pages.  They politic on them--especially Republicans whose pages look more like they're written by Tea Party activists.  Even so, you will learn about them,  and also see valid partisan criticism of them in their facebook Comments, that is when those comments aren't deleted by the candidates' staffs.

Johnson County Kansas, KC's biggest bedroom community of cities and school districts.    No one's covering the most influential and upscale bedroom community. TV stations mostly just go over there for the biggest, sensational news they hear about--crime, scandal, big business news they steal from the KC Business Journal or the thin and understaffed KC Star.

KCMO and Jackson County. Tony's Kansas City blog (TKC) certainly covers it like a glove. Maybe even OVER covers that inside baseball. The problem is that few people read blogs anymore. Tony's stuff is mostly insider city hall content. ALL KC City hall people tip and read him, as do all KC news people. Its the GO-TO blog in KC for the innercity. His only weakness is that he doesnt' delete the racist commenters but even their rudeness tells us things about those petty elements.  But bloggers can just rewrite an email or write up a phone call.  No need to go out with a PHOTOGRAPHER to shoot and edit a little mini-movie for the newscast.

-- Kansas and Missouri state legislators. Legislators are selected based on yard signs, not TV coverage. There are just too many legislators for TV to drill down to interview for their positions. Most candidates now don't often even mention which party they belong to on their signs. ANd they get reelected easily, whether they're morons or not. Look to your COUNTY newspaper but realze they dont have strong reporters. They mostly sell ads and run local news releases. They dont put candidates' feet to the fire. Yet politico watchers know they vote usually with their party's leadership. Workers wont' like Republicans. Businessmen won't like democrats.

County Political Websites.  We can learn things from the Republican or Democrat COUNTY websites, especially during primary season. Don't expect a party site to discuss their PROBLEMS, but COUNT on the OTHER party's site to embarrass their opponents with those very issues.  Be sure to "LIKE" both facebook sites to get a better feel for your county politics.
KANSAS AND MISSOURI STATE NEWS.    Since Today's teevee stations wont spend the money to send their satellite trucks up the Interstate to actually cover the state government without a specific objective, you need to forget about expecting local TV to cover statehouse news.   No matter what WIll Rogers warned us not to feel save anytime the Legislature is in session!

Kansas state politics.  In Kansas, use your Facebook to "LIKE"   WIBW-TV Topeka, KSN-TV Wichita and KOAM Pittsburg.   Except for the KOAM Pittsburg that has to also cover Joplin MO, you'll get news you won't find in Kansas City, so preoccupied with the Kansas City Police Department's easy-to cover scanners!

Missouri state politics.  In Missouri, use your Facebook to "LIKE" a St Louis dept you browse and like, KOMU-TV, the Columbia-Jeff City college station that's close to the gumment and the seat of Missouri's best journalism school.    And KY3 Springfield, known for decent journalism, even if with it's pre-occupation with police PR releases about car wrecks.

TV doesn't cover candidates, only the horseraces; its insider politics that really doesn't help viewers!   Its just drama! The Brownback re-election was mostly just a preoccupation with TV HORSE RACE coverage--TV always likes the 'race' and 'polling' aspects of elections, rather than the harder to get, analysis of who politicans are!    Which is what voters actually want to know.   Why they ARE, rather than who's AHEAD this week!   ESPECIALLY in Kansas, THEY WERE OF NO HELP TO US in DECIDING!.   This is typical of stations in KC (distracted also with Missouri 'races') and lazy low skill Topeka newsrooms, and too distant Wichita which also is too preoccupied with their own city coverage.

About your STATE's CROOKED legislators....

TV stations wont help you nor will your local county SHOPPPER NEWSPAPER to actually help you decide who is the best choice to send to your STATE CAPITAL or even to WASHINGTON!

 ALEC OWNS your STATE.   The FIX IS IN by the Republicans.  Who to VOTE FOR and who you already VOTED FOR  and EVEN WHAT THEY WILL vote for!    Google "ALEC" to see their sponsoring corporations and major positions. learn that when the big ALEC corporations want something, the Republicans in their controlled states (like Ks and Missouri) will vote ENMASS to pass that agenda! And your local TV station's WON''T have their satellite trucks at the capital to watch them DEBATE IT! Politicians count on that media laziness. HAS YOUR TV STATION REPORTED THIS TO YOU?

ALEC provides Republican 'cookie cutter' legislation for states, and pushes Republicans to just blindly pass it and keep quiet as they do it.  Again look it up.

Got others, well EMAIL me and I'll add them. Just try hard to TEACH YOURSELF the difference between 'fair and balanced' observations, and blatant PROPAGANDA!
Let's hope your 9th grade civics teacher taught you that skill!

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