Aug 25, 2015

LAZY Out-of-Town TV owners are why you only get local FAST FOOD NEWS.

MEDIA MATTERS complains this week that the MEDIA is ignoring the murders of Trans Gender black women.

MEDIA MATTERS:  A disturbing spike in the number of documented murders of transgender women of color has garnered attention from national media outlets, but cable news networks continue to ignore the epidemic of violence facing the transgender community.
2015 has seen a disturbing spike in the number of recorded murders of transgender people, and especially transgender women of color, in the U.S. Though the trans community has historically been disproportionately targeted by violence, the murders of seven trans women of color in just the first two months of 2015 alarmed groups like the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, which warned of an "epidemic of violence" against trans women.

I DOUBT it. The MEDIA is ignoring LOTS of news. 
Actually, they had to lay off the "Trans-Gender Murder reporter" who covered those. (Just kidding.) it's worse than you think. Here was my take responding to an uninformed comment about something I know a little bit about:
You can blame a great deal of this on the corporations who own the local news operations. They've consolidated, are out-of-town investors, and for profits, they've redefined local news and what you see!

  • Most of the reporters have been laid off and replaced by new anchors, as corporations seek to cut expenses and get more newscasts in with fewer news gatherers.
  • Now its all about live shots bearing right-now 'breaking news'-- whether its important or not.
  • And too many weather segments and anchor chitchat to fill up airtime around their commercials.
  • Nobody left to go out and find the news!  They don't cover the courthouses, or statehouses, and they rely on police news releases to cover their murder video. Ya don't see em out interviewing neighbors before their liveshots, and ya don't see em covering the court trials.
  • TV used to have business, health, government, and education reporters actually DIGGING for news. But no more -- because corporations please stockholders, not viewers.

Can't even steal from the Newspapers anymore!  And newspapers fight for their own survival and have cut their own reporting staffs. The news pages are thinner, but not for lack of news. Its for lack of not having anyone to cover it. TV's always stolen from the pages of the morning paper...but there's not much there either.

So what's CABLE news to do?  Cable news has always depended on local affiliates to cover the country. Now nobody's doing it so even on cable, you see them bleed the same video plane crashes and demagogue politicians over and over. Now they're just interviewing each other and beating this election into the ground because its cheap to cover and candidates will always come in for some free face time.


 It's not 'liberal' or 'conservative' government that's' hijacked the news. Its the corporations who own the newsrooms. THEY are the ones who have dumbed down what you see each night. And the crooks couldn't be happier with fewer nosy reporters around!

Beware...a lazy press absolutely lets government corruption fester for years. Like in New Orleans' sub-standard dikes that eventually flooded the city. The TV media probably didn't even know about them because they typically don't cover council meetings and actually look at the contracts being let and follow the money.

Don't blame the reporters...most wish they had more time...time to gather news and airtime to present it. But their bosses are stretching them thin to save money.

And predator cops in places like suburban Ferguson Missouri, busting people to raise money. That Ferguson story, where every resident averages three expensive court warrants over nuisance misdemeanors... it's been sitting there for years... but the St Louis TV stations never went out to the suburbs there to do a story on it. It took a citizen EXPLOSION and the NATIONAL MEDIA to come in. It reflects much more critically on the St Louis MEDIA than it does even the police...because this happens all over the country. Very quietly.

Don't bite the hands that feed you!  Reporters suck up to cops.  It's a fact.  TV always handles police and local government very gently....especially police who provide TV with most of their daily crime stories. Nobody's more vengeful than police and prosecutors against a brave TV station for running adverse stories.  So TV tends to be police, advertiser, sports team, and local government cheerleaders.

Welcome to the new journalism!  Today, it's not local corporate journalism covering misbehaving cops and bad city governments. It's social media and citizen cameras!

Want' to know more about your local news industry?
Forgive I promote a website I created years ago, shown in lots of journalism schools and even won a minor national web award...but that was then. Sadly this old expose is even more true today, so I link to it for your shopping convenience.  (Forgive if it looks a little quaint by today's web artistry standards:)…/radio…/smoke--mirror-tv-news
"What local stations don't want you to know".

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