Jul 3, 2015

SOME CHRISTIANS are SO CONFUSED.... they think they're Christians but they're really JEWS! Check it!

Trouble with most Christians today is that they're SLOW READERS.  Likely the Catholics who assembled the Bible at about 1000 AD, only the clerics could read and so they enterpreted Scripture to the masses.    That all changed when we learned how to read it for ourselves!   But we didn't read it very well and we were told it was ALL direct Word of God.  

Christians would focus mostly on earliest JEWISH books of the Old Testament  (with its lesson of vengeance and crime and punishment justice) ...  and not the CHRISTIAN New Testament  (with its lesson of forgiveness and even pacifism).   Literate readers just never read the Bible all the way to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount!

There IS NO Judeo-Christian religion.  

If you read the Bible for CONTENT and not just for QUOTES, you will come to understand they are two very different religions.   There's simply too many conflicting views to come from one God.    You ask clerics about these conflicts and they give you double-talk; they simply don't know.   And to suggest these are just articles written by godly men is to deny the Bible is the Word of God Himself--which is a fundamental foundation of the Scripture.

  Vengeance or Forgiveness?   That's the most basic difference between Jewish  and Christian scripture.

Yes, despite the line that says Jesus didn't come to Change the Law....    he clearly DID for his sermons changed the direction of religious thinking-- a shock that got him crucified!   

Christians have been confused ever since by the conflicts between the New and Old Testaments.    At the center is Creation versus Evolution;   some people cling to their biblical beliefs, and others look at the fossils we have found in the last thousand years, and conclude that or origins just couldn't be as it was written.  The Catholics should have published the Old Testament in the back of the Bible as a reference--a story not a history lesson  authored by God.   This does shake people up.

Modern man should look at science and its geology, physics, astronomy, etc showing that Creation, the history of the Earth, and the history of the Jews was folk lore by the relatively ignorant men of the times.   Instead, Christians have decided to ignore modern evidence and hold to the folklore, and archaic rules of Old Testament speculation on Man's origins and what we do today, pick and choose how to live together.    

Nothing is more important to reveal this religious dilemma is admitting that homosexuality exists in our species.   And how America's  culture,  justice and political systems center on religious views of the Jews.

Which sounds just a little bit like muslim Sharia Law.

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