May 9, 2015

Bring Social Security into the new millenium with PHOTO/Print SS Cards NOW!

So many problems about phony ID's, forged work permits, payment of taxes, alleged voter fraud.

When will the US govt show some leadership and create a law requiring periodic issuing of hard-to-forge photo ID's linked to a big database accessible for employers, schools, hospitals, governments, etc.

A precursor to Immigration reform laws bringing illegals out of the shadows into the same light the REST of us must stand in!!    And stiff penalties for employers and employees not going above board with W-2's, 1099's and all the rest.   And anyone working in the US failing to file Tax Returns, and collecting for Social Security and Medicare.   And getting health care coverage anywhere.

They should be issued by hospitals at or near BIRTH (since SSAN's are required for parental tax filings,  reissue by public schools on entry (like age 5, and first job card at 15, then 21, 35, 50, etc... at drivers license offices, post offices, other official agencies capable of access, database verification, etc.    And border crossings of people entering at the gates.  etc.

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