Apr 10, 2015

UPDATED: SHARE THIS! Your congressman has sold you OUT! Yet they still TRASH OBAMA on HEALTH INSURANCE!

Why did we do Obamacare?  To reel in the medical industries' greedy on something everyone eventually needs in life--occasional health care!

Did you read that?  Obama said SHREWD insurance companies will do ANYTHING for profits,    Which is why I did Obamacare to REGULATE THEM.  They'll get THEIRS when we go to MEDICARE FOR ALL!

Dems want people to pay into the system through payroll deductions from their first job and all after.   Doesn't that make sense?  Do you agree, Repubs, or should we others pay their way because they game the system and then want it free til they get older, or pregnant?

Republicans say:   Don't have money?  Too bad for YOU!  Either work, or go instead from the ER to the Funeral Home.   Reagan changed that.  Hospitals HAVE TO TAKE the critically sickly in crisis to the ER.

 But what about the elderly, the handicapped like mentally or physically impaired, or those dying with slow cancer?

 One in 80 children are born with mental or physical handicaps, like Autism,  That's a HUGE number of kids and NO POLITICIANS are talking about this!

Austic kids, ( 1 out of 80!)  who need continual therapy to become independent or else, they'll LOSE their advances!   What about THEM?   This is new... some say because of environmental issues.   What an EPIDEMIC PLAGUE, as bad as polio if not as fatal?

Still, we want to cut off Medicaid?  You only want a healthy citizenry...and let others DIE if they get sick?   How's that for DEATH PANELS:  if you can't afford it, DIE--we don't owe you anything!  Tell THAT to your grandchildren!

IS THAT the GUMMENT yu want?   Maybe you should send this to your GOVERNOR so he should change his focus from attracting OUTSIDE corporate investment to his own PEOPLE who already LIVE HERE!

How many of your potential VOTERS have a kid, a nephew, a grandchild with special needs with a ratio of  1:80???   Maybe the Republican "You're on your own" isn't gonna wash in America!

NO LONGER ALLOWED under Obamacare!

Time now to start OBAMACARE II ... the Affordable part!  Start with Congress letting Americans buy health care in Canada, elsewhere.  Oh US drug companies would HATE THAT for they bribed Congress to keep their prices secret and outrageous!   Fix it, publicize it, solve it!

Why are US Congressmen sitting on their hands ignoring all this?   Because health care lobbyists are so generous to them, that's why!!     Start with the Republicans and look at their DONORS focused only on PROFITS!  And then move on to your Democrats who take medical campaign donations to make them lay back and be quiet!

THIS IS A CONGRESSIONAL PROBLEM for Congressmen of both parties willingly take their money!   Force them to fix it.  TELL THEM if they won't, you'll replace them.  How?

Trash them on your local internet.  And to your friends.   Don't allow them to win based on yard signs!

Look at YOUR OWN US Rep!   Vote him OUT if he's on the drug company and hospital TAKE for his vote that keeps you POOR!!

IF YOU AGREE, SHARE THIS to your other friends.

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