Mar 17, 2015

A divided Senate on Thursday derailed Democratic legislation that would have provided $21 billion for medical, education, and job-training benefits for the nation's veterans. The bill fell victim to election-year disputes over spending and fresh penalties against Iran.
Each party covets the allegiance of the country's 22 million veterans and their families, and each party blamed the other for turning the effort into a chess match aimed at forcing politically embarrassing votes.  -Christian Science Monitor.

Here's some BETTER IDEAS from your humble blogger:

Start with ending DEFENSE WASTE, FRAUD and Abuse.Get rid of some bases only kept open to please Congressmen. Dump the F-35 fighter that doesn't fight. Stop political investigations just to torment Obama. Get rid of a bunch of lobbyist military generals and their private jets. 
Pass a law that taxes 25 percent of all campaign contributions to go towards the deficit.
Wack military aid to Israel... let them open up their OWN Charge Account with the Chinese!  And buy their OWN Iron Dome weapons in their fight to shove Palistine into the sea.

End the war on drugs, pardon all felons imprisoned for simple possession and small amounts. Protect our new MJ growing industry by drone bombing Mexican growers and smugglers.  Don't subsidize state prisons until they decriminalize drug use.
Get rid of subsidies for petroleum based industries and divert half of it to solar and battery storage R&D. Penalize states that don't get in the health care subsidies system. 

Move 20 percent of unemployment benefits to supervised adult job retraining or change the rules so they can work-study under apprenticeships for that money.
Tighten banking regulations even further and eliminate tax breaks for Wall Street.

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