Mar 26, 2015

Presidential Wannabee Facebook and Websites added on Best of the Web page

Click FB (Facebook) or Web links below:

New York Times LINK (Who's Probably Running 2015)

Fmr SecState Hillary Clinton (D-NY)    FB  Web

Sen Ted Cruz (R-Tex)   FB   Web

Fmr Gov Jeb Bush (R-Fl)    FB   Web

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl)      FB    Web

Sen. Rand Paul  (R-Ky)   FB   Web

Gov Scott Walker (R-Wi)   FB   Web

Fmr Gov Mike Huckabee  (R-Ar)  FB  Web

Gov Chris Christie (R-Nj)  FB   Web

Fmr Sen Rick Santorum    F(R-Pa)    FB  Web

Fmr Gov Rick Perry  (R-Tx)   FB   Web

Gov Bobby Jindal (R-La)   FB   Web

Carly Fiorina   (R-Fmr CEO)  FB   Web

Ben Carson  R-Physician  FB   Web

(Official Presidential Candidate 2016 URL's may change; candidates may be added or dropped)

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