Jan 25, 2015

Why were we so goddam stupid back in 1992? Watch this debate if you dare...and tell me why?

That GIANT SUCKING SOUND OF JOBS LEAVING AMERICA.   We laughed but we didn't believe the funny talking Texas millionaire!   And he was so right, it's hurt us for DECADES.  Click the VIDEO photo-->

WHY WHY WHY did we fall for Bush and Clintons and not ROSS PEROT's wisdom?

And tell me now... are the KOCH BROTHERS leading us now down the path to poverty yet again, to feed the rich?

Radioman ain't takin your nose to the drinking fountain...figure it out YOURSELF!

Here are the links....go figure it out.   This is plenty of Guidance:

Just remember ALWAYS:

 a BALANCED DIET IS BEST.  Always read both sides to get a better picture!  One side ONLY, makes you a propaganda victim!

And some other wisdom about people in politics too long....

Rman sez:  I never said Clinton was perfect.  Or Obama.  Applicants running for President really don't fully understand the job.  So when they make ignorant claims that don't come to pass, should we CALL THEM LIARS, or just NAIVE?  Let's be fair and patient..let em grow INTO their new jobs before we JUMP THEM!

Maybe LBJ's congressional experience didn't, but most politicians--especially Governors and other OUTSIDERS-- lack international or congressional STREET SMART.  After a couple years, most of em DO get the hang of it!

 Maybe we should consider that, when we elect someone outside of Washington DC!  And not be too hard on them.  Presidents learn how to govern by OJT.  Let's not hold them too hard to their promises.   REALITY does change their promises.

Like Obama's view on foreign policy after he starts getting CIA briefings?   Or his view on GITMO?   Or even national economics.  Moreover, let's not hold him to a higher standard than we do to, say, Republicans who win the White House.  I submit ALL PRESIDENTS GROW INTO their JOBS.

We vote for their DECISIONMAKING ABILITY, not their VISION as seen from OUTSIDE the beltway before they get the job!

 Maybe it's the price we pay for electing OUTSIDERS... we need to give them some time to figure out the lay of the land!!    I'm actually okay with that,  and I'm patient with them if they bring in some FRESH AIR!   And change their minds based on better information!
Hence I tolerated Obama's first few years of mistakes.   Sadly he was up against some old Republican hands and the McConnells and Boehners should have been booted out, but they weren't. So they sabotaged him and they were pretty OPEN about that strategy from the beginning.

So they took advantage of our new president. Not sure term limits will work...but I do wish the electorate would realize that there's a time when politicians learn to become TOO SHREWD, they need to retire!! 

Once politicians  start GAMING THE SYSTEM for personal profit and power, it's time to send them HOME!

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