Jan 10, 2015

Learn a New Language--to Speak "Tea Bag" with this free 2 minute VIDEO! Plus a serious Bill Maher Debate on the events in France.

I had no idea...I'd not seen this but now I too am fluent at speaking and understanding the comments made by the right!

Okay.  THAT was the Joke for the weekend.  THIS is more serious.

This is an important piece of discussion about the horror that happened in France last week when islamic extremists raided a magazine office and murdered a dozen people.

 You may think it's unlikely that it might be found on liberal comedian Bill Maher's show.... but the topic was serious and so were his guests.

  • BILL MAHER, an anti-religious liberal comedian
  •  SALMAN RUSHDIE, targeted author by the Islamics
  • CARLY FIONA, a modern contemporary Republican and former corporate CEO.

It's fairly long but fascinating from Friday's HBO broadcast.


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