Mar 31, 2014

HOW TO Guide: Shooting, Scanning better family pictures. Check it.

  "How To" essay:  Taking Better Pictures 

Read the whole thing.... or paste this link into an EMAIL for your kids or others who want to learn the basics of how to shoot, scan, and rescue pictures to post of FACEBOOK and elsewhere.  This is a beginning guide to be helpful.   Suitable for iphone but best on a laptop or ipad.

Mar 19, 2014

Educators....check it.

Maybe EVERY child should be in Special Education.  Maybe instead of teaching like their teachers' teachers' teachers taught them, they embrace technology to new learning styles we now know about...and spend less time maintaining teacher jobs and the status quo.

Surely in fifty years, we know enough about learning to get better outcomes, not worse ones.   While the call to arms was decades ago, we remain A Nation at Risk.

Mar 4, 2014

In a Crisis, the GOP will stand with the enemy against Pres Obama.

(M) I'm sharing this with its original caption, written by the creator.

G.O.P = GUSHING OVER PUTIN. The GOP leaders would rather support a communist leader, and former head of the KGB, than support their own president, even in an international crisis!! It's amazing what having a Black Man in the White House can do. It can cause the closet racists and bigots to come out into the open and form a national party of supposed patriots. And it can make the GOP leaders praise a Russian despot over their own POTUS. Face it, the GOP HATES women, they HATE Blacks, they HATE Latinos, they HATE Gays. AND Yet the LOVE Putin. What a crock of cascading crap that is. But that's today's GOP. They would rather embrace a communist despot than salute their own commander in chief. Traitors much? That's the new GOP leadership. And that's just one more reason to NEVER vote for a Republican. Remember this come November. 

Thanks to Tracy Knauss for creating this image.