Jan 27, 2014

Computer nerd's Adventure buying a new LAPTOP and ugly WIndows 8!

Bill Gates wants you to face the west coast and pray to the Microsoft God 5 times a day...and you'll have to, if you buy his new version, Window 8.

This computer nerd has learned some things this past week, buying a new laptop to replace his wife's DELL with the Best Windows version of all time, Windows XP. Here are the high points-- and I'll leave selling Macs to those who worship the big APPLE:

1. Buy your new computer at Best Buy.  There are a couple other

good stores around, though, and you probably know of them.  Prices are good and BB's Geek Squad supports the product...for a fee of course. Couple hundred bucks.  Best Buy carries all the big brands, not just their house brands.  Dell is no longer the PC darling.  Sony and Toshiba are good.  Samsung and Asus--a brand I didn't know but they make most of the internals for all the rest of the PC's and have started selling under their own brand name.   HP won't even ship with Windows 8 but the rest do.  Ain't a lot of desktops around anymore...but the new thing is an "All in One" that doesn't have a computer box.  Just a screen with the computer in it.. and wireless keyboard and mouse.  Companies seem to like it, but its sure not portable!    Here's a 3rd party site to view.

2, Pay the money to buy the 2 year GEEK SQUAD contract that services your new PC and any 2 other devices at home--you pick which ones when you need the service. Especially because Win8 isn't the system you have learned how to back-door fix.  Screw up Windows 8, like I did the first day, and it'll be worth its weight in gold. MS even makes it hard for Geeks to work on.  We already got our money out if it after I tried to escape the Black Hand of Bill Gates' influence on password security.

3. Buy the newest features and the most memory and hard drive space you can afford. Ya don't replace your computer very often, so don't buy a discontinued technology on sale--it's already obsolete. We went with a Toshiba laptop with touch screen, lots of hard drive space and memory.  I think it was about $800.  More well dressed than the $300 ones.  Wicked fast but not the VERY fastest which is overpriced. Ours came with a CD/ROM.  Many don't anymore... you can get your software nowadays off the web.  Get the biggest screen you can afford, and the most finger friendly, largest keyboard you like the feel of.

4. Peripherals.

(a) If you hate laptop keyboards designed for tiny 5-year-olds' fingers, buy a wireless KEYBOARD and pretend your laptop is actually a desktop.  If it comes with a wireless MOUSE, fine.  If it doesn't buy one.   I've had good luck with Logitech... keyboard and mouse, and separate, small silver/gray model M305 mices.  Got 2 of em.

(b) If you're getting older and can't see so well, get a cheaper BIG MONITOR, bigger the better and forget about the touch screen crap.   Plug it into your new laptop.  Put the laptop behind your monitor, out of site.  Some keyboards have an off-on switch.

(c) If you get a PC without a CD/Rom, buy a cheap EXTERNAL CD/ROM Read/Write...and you can use it on other devices later, like mini-laptops, etc. It too just plugs into your PC for power and to exchange data.

 Important.  Backing up--- or FIRE your home Computer Director when you lose everything!  And it WILL crash eventually, or sooner.  So buy a miniature 1-Terrabyte External Drive. Mines called "My Passport" by big maker Western Digital. Same size now as a thin pack of cigarettes, no plugging in AC adapters. It just goes right into a USB for both power and transfering.  Perfect just to use it as an external, additional drive so that you have backup files in 2 places.  (1)  Your Laptop and (2) your External. Couple hundred bucks probably.  How much is your data worth to you?

  The Computer companies want you to send all your data up in the sky to their 'cloud'....for safety. Pay em by the month forever. An external terra byte drive will do the same thing...and you can plug it into all your PC's...and your friends' PC's too for backup or transfering.  Its also a good way move the data from your OLD machine to your new one. 

Back up your family PCs on it once a week. Give everybody a different directory for their own files....remember to back up "Data" on your C drive if you put it there, and USERS "My Documents" files inside "Documents and Settings", and Program Files too. That way, you can save your mail, music, photos, etc.  You can get help porting over your Outlook on the web and where to find your old email.

6. Windows 8 sucks. Even more than Windows 7. They moved EVERYTHING...and try to get you to put all your programs in your START Screen. But there's a DESKTOP and it's not first. But you CAN put shortcuts on it and make it look pretty close to your old, comfortable Windows XP desktop. Be smart, and also create shortcuts pointing to your USER Documents/Music/Pictures/Download directories...to easily access them.

Windows 8 makes getting onto your home network a piece of cake. You not longer have to be a network administrator/guru. Windows will find your home Internet/Router Automatically and log you into it, so long as you know your router's password. Windows 8 works very nicely with the new wireless printers that connect to your router automatically too. Get the hang of FILE and DRIVE SHARING and all your home PC's can see each other on your network.

7. Of course always make sure your router that connects your house's computers to your Internet modem HAS a password...you don't want your neighbors snooping in your computers or using your internet for free! Get a new router about every 5 years... they work much faster nowadays, and once you have to reboot it chronically, time to get rid of it. If you got a newer big screen TV, it will probably talk to your router too and connect to the internet from the living room. Nice for Netflix!  And they are also a WIFI for your smart-phones and ipods cutting back on what you pay AT&T when you're at home instead of lurking and roaming around town.

8. New Printer. We got a wireless HP printer last month after my last one wouldn't align its cartridges anymore.   This one has its own 4x6 photo tray with an automatic feed for paper. Doesn't hold much paper...and the new technology has more than just 2 little ink cartridges (colors in one, black in the other.) This one has about 5...newer technology, better color.  Better photos. The HP Photosmart 7520 is mostly plastic and only $150.   Its wireless and hits my router.  Not all printers do.  So we have 1 printer for the whole family. 

Put it anyplace and plug it into the wall. The router talks to it. Or plug it into your only PC through a USB port. Printers are all cheaper now but the printer companies make their money off the cartridges. This one uses 5 carts of various colors. They sell in $50 refills for the set and you can buy a higher capacity black one since you'll use it most.

Course now that my wife has a new computer, my old one seems pretty slow and clunky...I'll get a new one probably, keep the old one with it's XP around as a standby or guest computer and for legacy software that her Windows 8 can't read. Like 32 bit programs that weren't upgraded by the software companies to 64 bit.   Labels Unlimited wont.  Neither will Capeze Screen Capture.   

Office doesn't come with disks anymore.  It has a scratch off secret number can be used only once...and Microsoft downloads the whole thing from its website when you enter the secret number.  (No more installing Office CD's on all your PC's without them knowing about it.)  The Student/Home Office 2013 version doesn't have Publisher or Access.   For another hundred bucks, the Pro version DOES, but yet it won't read old Office 2003 MS Publisher files.  I don't see anything new in it but they did move everything around, of course, just to piss us off.

Hope this helps...got any questions or comments? Pray to Bill and reply or share if you wish. And enjoy the picture/meme I created with my $50 copy of "Snag-it" that captures stuff off the internet and computer screens very easily. Thats about all the software I bought...tho I did download the free versions of Google's Picasa to manage my 11,000 photos on my PC and the Internet, and also EVERNOTE to transfer files easily from one PC to the next, including my smartphones and ipad.

I hate Windows...always did. I miss CPM and prompted UNIX!

Jan 14, 2014


Genius:  Killing Obamacare at ANY cost!  (by putting insurance companies out of business!)
From St Louis Post Dispatch, through WONKETTE

OK, so shutting down the government didn’t work, and the House repealing it umpty-eleven times didn’t work, and the website does work, but maybe it’s not too late for states to save their citizens from the horror of having health insurance.

They could maybe try the genius plan introduced in the Missouri Senate by state Sen. John Lamping: The bill would suspend insurance companies’ state licenses if they accepted subsidies offered by the federal government to help pay health insurance premiums for low- and middle-income Missourians.

See, Lamping figures that the subsidies are illegal and will totally be declared unconstitutional by some mythical Supreme Court that already found the Affordable Care Act was constitutional. So if you preemptively act as if they are illegal, and punish insurance companies that accept them, somehow that will make the employer mandate go away, hooray! And if insurance companies do comply with the law and accept the subsidies, they’ll be prohibited from doing business in Missouri, and then once the insurance companies are all gone, everyone will be healthy forever.

We’re not entirely sure that Lamping has thought this through. This is only the latest in a number of attempts by Missouri to make a federal law cease to exist. Missourians voted in 2010 against the individual mandate, which meant nothing, because do they even know what a federal law is? And then in 2012 they voted to not set up a state exchange, which once again stopped Obamacare dead in its tracks. But hey, if they actually manage to strip licenses from the only two companies selling plans on the exchange in Missouri, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Coventry Health Care, then that should pretty well make Obamacare unworkable, as well as leaving huge numbers of Missourians without insurance through their employers. That should make everyone happy.

Lamping says he didn’t think of this smart plan all by himself. He had some help from Cato Institute health policy weasel Michael Cannon, who encouraged a whole bunch of states to refuse to set up exchanges in the hope that a pet wingnut theory would manifest itself into reality — the contention that the ACA says that subsidies apply to policies purchased “through an exchange established by the state,” so those sold on the federal exchange are absolutely barred from getting subsidized, because magic.

If people in the 34 states that have refused to set up their own exchanges aren’t subsidized, then supposedly they’ll be so angry about paying full price that they’ll storm Washington and demand an end to tyranny or something. Or the Department of Health and Human Services could do what it has already done, and issue directives that all qualifying policyholders would get subsidies, seeing as how that’s pretty much the point of the law.

It’s uncertain whether the bill is likely to make progress in the Missouri legislature; if it fails, opponents of Obamacare may resolve to contract expensive chronic illnesses to bankrupt the system. That’ll show the meddling federal bastards.

 [St. Louis Post-Dispatch via a tip from Wonkette Operative "CM"] Follow Doktor Zoom on Twitter, or he will hold his breath until he turns gay. 

Read more at http://wonkette.com/538978/genius-missouri-bill-will-kill-obamacare-by-putting-insurance-companies-out-of-business#zgVsprxTJrG4y3bL.99


Bulletin:  MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, nailing NJ Gov Chris Christy on her 8pm CST show, cleans FOX NEWS's clock all week.  Just shows that some people want the truth rather than Fox's pro-right propaganda.

Jan 12, 2014

Leaked Republican Tape reveals they Manufacture Scandals... Guess who's involved!

obama not impressed From POLITICUS USA.
Note... this came out last summer.

A secret audio tape of a May 8th meeting of the conservative group “Groundswell” (a total nightmare amalgamation of creatures mostly bearing Southern drawls, birther conspiracy beliefs and a reliable paranoia of being persecuted) shows the group using their collective power (media, sleeping with SCOTUS, money, evangelical base/money, GOP Congressional aides) to pressure elected Republicans into making something out of the now debunked Benhazi scandal.

They want a special committee or else.

If they don’t get it, they warned Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and Obama fake scandal manufacturer Darrell Issa (R-CA), the two could face a loss of support and financial backing.

Birther Frank Gaffney made it clear on the tape that he told the puppets to play ball or else! He told the group that he had reminded Boehner and Issa that their donors are getting restless (aka, deliver us an Obama scandal or your PAC gets it), “I’m somewhat encouraged that they’re taking this thing very much to heart and we really impressed upon them that there’s a lot of restiveness on the part of folks like us, and some of their donors as a matter of fact, about what — what’s happening here.”

Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council told the group of conspirators that in their secret meeting the night before, Speaker Boehner warned them that the media would see this as an attempt to bring down the Obama administration (gee, ya think?). But, have no fear, patriots, “We got an ugly baby here and it’s going to get ugly today. We are not backing away from our call for a special committee with subpoena power… We’re not backing away from a special committee, but we kinda have a pledge from Issa and the Speaker.”

The tape of the meeting was published on Crooks and Liars by Karoli, who writes that the source wished to remain anonymous. The meeting was led by Catherine Engelbrecht, a founder of True the Vote. True the Vote is the organization found guilty of illegally aiding Republicans by operating like a PAC instead of a non-profit, and the very same organization trotted out by Darrell Issa and the media as just one example of Obama’s IRS picking on conservatives. Naturally, that wasn’t true, but it didn’t stop the media or the Republicans from running wild with their fictional accusations.

Among those present at this meeting were Ginni Thomas (wife of sitting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), former Republican Representative Allen West and of course, Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News, who was on hand to instruct everyone how to handle the talking points (keep repeating that you are just interested in the “TRUTH”).

Karoli broke it down:
Benghazi “Scandal”

At 3:45, Jerry Boykin advises the group of the meetings he and Frank Gaffney had with Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Darrell Issa concerning Benghazi on the evening of May 7th about how the Benghazi investigation is progressing. This was the night before the last Congressional Oversight Committee hearing was held on Benghazi, where the so-called whistleblowers were to testify.
 In the late-night meeting with Gaffney and Boykin, Boehner advised both that they needed to allow the regular order of committee meetings to play out before he would push for a select committee. Issa told him the same thing. Boykin and Gaffney reported this to the group, along with a promise that there “would be answers.” Both reiterated that they and former Rep. Allen West were very concerned about the lack of a military response and assured the group that “what we’ll find today is that Hillary Clinton made some egregious decisions and the president was basically absent from his post and did not make the decisions that as the Commander-in-Chief he should have been making…because he was focused on some other things.”
This reeks of collusion.

Did you miss David Corn’s frightening breakdown last week? Conservative “journalists” at Breitbart News, Washington Examiner, National Review and of course the Daily Caller are colluding with Republican activists and Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, and even Republican Congressional aides to push their agenda.

One of their agendas is to create a scandal out of Benhazi. And now we know how they did it.

Just imagine this—the party that calls everyone else a Nazi is meeting in secret to use their collective power of media, money and power to pressure elected Republicans to carry out their orders.

Sure, this is outrageous, and given the Republican whining about imagined offenses of liberal judicial activism and a liberal media out to get them, it’s a joke. But underneath the outrage is a secret. Only losers have to coordinate their message so carefully; losers who can’t afford the truth to get out. Propagandists who are losing their war even as their battle efforts are successful would be wise to regroup.

Elect a Republican, and you are not getting that Republican – you are getting THIS group, and ALEC, and the Koch Brothers. You are getting a puppet, who will be manipulated and controlled by corporate interests. Naturally, their message will be crap, and so it will have to be dressed up and repackaged and sold under all kinds of shiny objects. This will necessitate a willing conservative media (check), plants in the mainstream media (check), Republican elected officials with no morals or ethics (check), corporate money to push agenda (check), and a numb electorate distracted with phony scandals and lies (check).
The real scandal has been right under their noses the entire time — it’s them.

Listen to the full tape at Crooks and Liars.

Leaked Audio Tape Proves that Republicans Are Conspiring to Manufacture Obama Scandals was written by Sarah Jones for PoliticusUSA.
© PoliticusUSA, Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 — All Rights Reserved

Jan 11, 2014

So who in KC's paying attention to the MO Legislature about to SCREW US? Check it.

Republican lawmakers attend Right-to-Work rally on first day of session

January 08, 2014 / by / 0 Comment
House Speaker Tim Jones

House Speaker Tim JonesJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State lawmakers met today during a rally to show their support for Missouri to adopt a right-to-work legislation.  A crowed of over 100 people gathered in the House Lounge. While more than 25 lawmakers attended, the featured lawmakers were House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, and Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Springfield who were brought together by Right-To-Work supporters.

“In right to work states unionism doesn’t go away, it doesn’t disappear in fact it’s stronger.” Burlison said.
Jones also urged Missouri to become the twenty-fifth right-to-work state.

“This is good economic theory being put into practice,” Jones said.  Jones also stated that during the last decade RTW states have seen growth of three percent in employment, while non RTW States have seen a drop off of employment by three and a half percent.

Following the event Burlison said he has not personally been promised floor time for his RTW legislation. Burlison told The Missouri Times that Jones has assured him that RTW legislation will be brought to the floor. Burlison commended those who got up early and traveled through “horrendous weather.”

When asked about what adversity RTW legislation may have moving forward in 2014, Burlison said that Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon represented the biggest roadblock.

“Our biggest hurdle is the governor,” Burlison said. “The flow of money from the union members, to the bosses, to the governor is a well oiled machine.”

MAYBE... Certain bloggers and media outlets should do their jobs.    Cover stuff that really affects everyone, not just the relatives of murder victims.   (TV stations still have satellite trucks, don't they?  It'd be nice to watch the Jeff City politicians before they do their deeds while you're distracted with local cop news.)


Jan 6, 2014

Repubs SCOFFING about GLOBAL WARMING... NOT SO FAST! It's HOT out there.

The right wingers are all sniping about the cold wave and global warming.    All over the internet, theyre dragging out studies--a cold wave always brings out the "I told ya so" crowd from the right.  Al Gore's ears must be burning.


Now its SUMMER in the Southern Hemisphere. Check THIS from Sydney Australia...RECORD HOT TEMPS.

SYDNEY: Temperatures in Sydney hit their highest level on record on Friday, with the mercury in Australia's biggest city reaching 45.8 degrees Celsius (114.4 Fahrenheit) in the mid-afternoon.

Sydney's previous hottest recorded temperature was 45.3 degrees set in 1939.

"It's a historic day for Sydney today," Weather Channel meteorologist Dick Whitaker said.

"We haven't seen a day like this in Sydney's recorded history."

It is the latest record to fall as Australia swelters under a heatwave that has affected some 70 percent of the vast country and has created what some experts have called a "dome of heat" over the nation's outback centre.

The extreme weather, which has exacerbated bushfires, last week saw the government's weather bureau upgrade its temperature scale by introducing new colours to cover projected forecast highs.

At one point last week, central Australia was shown with a purple area on the bureau's forecast map, a new colour code suggesting temperatures were set to soar above 50 degrees (122 Fahrenheit).

() Weather report in Sydney Jan 5, 2014, during huge cold wave in the US.

Well, I'm just not sure about all this.  It's all too weird.  Like North America, right out of The Day After Tomorrow with all this frigid weather.  Canada reporting Lake Ontario is freezing over.   

Course the biggest weather deniers of all in America are the oil Billionaire Koch Brothers... whose front groups are funding their own phony researchers...and planting news stories in the media... so they can continue POLLUTION FOR PROFIT.

What would RUSH SAY on Monday, no doubt from his "Southern Command Studio" in Florida?

Jan 5, 2014

Rachel Refuses 2 read Koch Brothers Propaganda Letter to her. Big Deal Video!

Conservatives:  Rachel Maddow is MUST SEE TV on MSNBC if you want a balanced political diet!

  • Discussion on Mediaite

    Maddow Scorches Koch Brothers for Sending Her Legal Letter: I’m Not Reading Your Script

    • Radioman KC an hour ago
      Oh I think this whole thing is way bigger than Ron Paul. Think of this as a tapeworm in our belly and it wont' be easy to get it out. These nutcases who side with them do so knowingly or unknowingly.
    • Radioman KC an hour ago
      Hard to believe our nation's been invaded by a couple libertarian nutcase billionaires and their close friends who have no respect for our people or the Constitution we paid dearly for. This needs to be the beginning of a movement to show them, like their attempt to get the corporate raider elected in 2012, they will not succeed. WE will succeed. And we have to develop communication methods they can't stop to do it.

      And unless they have a standing army to take our country that can defeat us, we will not let them. Even tho their front groups fund the Tea Party, I don't think the Tea Party or the people who claim to support them, will back them.

      We need to find ways to reach them and teach them. Rachel's a good start. But only a start. It is not helpful that the Tea Partiers get us banned on Facebook so we can't take our case directly to their members.

      We have to figure out a way to get that social censorship to stop. My experience is that Facebook isn't listening and isn't responding. Perhaps they are starting to be part of the problem.

Jan 4, 2014

OMG... More joblessness. New pot law puts drug dog out of work!


ELMA, Wash. -- The legalization of marijuana in Washington state prompted Elma's police chief to lay off the city's drug detection dog last month.

Police Chief Jeff Troumbley also said the rising costs for caring for Riggs the K-9 officer caused him to eliminate the position.

Riggs was trained to alert officers when he smells one of five drugs: marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Since Riggs cannot tell the difference between marijuana and the other drugs, Troumbley said the dog was not as effective as he was before voters passed Initiative 502.

Before I-502 if Riggs smelled one of those drugs in a car, police were able to use his alert to get a search warrant. Now police need other evidence to obtain a warrant.

"With the changes I couldn't justify the expense of what we were getting out of the drug team," said Troumbley.

Riggs' partner at Elma police is now his owner.

"I don't think he's ready to retire yet," said Officer Josh Wheeler, who said he wishes Riggs was still with him out on patrol. "Let him do what he's trained to do.”   VIDEO VERSION from KING TV:

Radioman Kansas City OMG... think of all the lawyers and prosecutors and drug court judges and jailers who will also be out of work. And the private prison corporations. Lets do this nationwide and expand it to cover cocaine, an expensive drug that probably is responsible for our high anti-theft insurance rates.

Maybe we can use all that savings to extend skill education as part of our free program for young people to prepare them for life. End THIS war too. EDUCATE, don't INCARCERATE.


Other interesting news made out in Seattle area this weekend...

  • Machinists narrowly vote to keep the Boeing 777 to be built there.   Missouri had tried to get that action by offering Boeing a huge tax break to move here.
  • Seattle City hall  Exec plans to raise the minimum wage there to $15!!!!

Jan 2, 2014

VIDEO HISTORY: The not-so secret takeover of America -- by the Koch Brothers

This is a MUST SEE VIDEO....it's long.  It's the history of the Tea Party and their behind the scenes benefactor... the oil polluting billionaire Koch Brothers who are manipulating millions of people and government...pretty much as a family Libertarian HOBBY!

Wooing ignorant and ordinary  patriots to join the Tea Party... looking very grass roots.  But it ain't so!

Getcha a sack lunch and watch this...and get very pissed off.  I will say, what I've seen in this, is consistent with what I've seen in the media in the past few years.  Put together, it's pretty scary.

Other things to check:

The Koch Libertarian Legacy. The GodBrothers Koch...and their daddy Fred Koch, who brought us the John Birch Society years ago.

Incredibly, who wanted JFK arrested for Treason!

Yes, this should be a movie script, not US history!  (Reprint from this blog last month.)  Google these people if you want to know more.