Dec 18, 2014

We got it WRONG. Who'da thought the Little North Korean Shrimp Would Hand Us our LUNCH??

Lets look at the FACTS.

Sony Pictures decides to make money MAKING FUN of defenseless nutcase Kim Jung UN!

Not many can get even with big media, but his computer hackers are smarter than Sony's.   Rather than accept Sony's humiliation, UN hacks them and humiliates Sony Pictures' OWN movie stars.

Same thing US Supermarket rags to do the stars when they can...but they're not that smart either.     Remember, Fox owner Rupert Murdoch got burned in Britain for hacking private emails too for HIS tabloids.  Even nailed the Royal family.

Now Sony's comedy writers are on TV screaming foul-- something about Free Speech to humiliate people.

Fact is little UN got EVEN... gave American media a taste of its own medicine.   Think about it.   And Google the word "hypocrisy."

  Did you Check Back?    Did you Check Back?  

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