Dec 5, 2014

TEA PARTIERS...WAKE THE HELL UP! You're on the wrong SIDE!

Mainstream Media Ignores Fact about Eric Garner’s Death
By Barbara Boland | 9 hours ago   MRC TV

Here’s a little known fact about the Eric Garner case that the mainstream media isn’t reporting: Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who put Eric Garner in a fatal choke-hold, was supervised by an African-American female NYPD sergeant.

As reported by New York Daily News:

Having that black sergeant in charge of that crime scene takes race out of the equation. As awful as Pantaleo’s actions appear on that video, at no time does that black sergeant order Pantaleo to stop choking Garner.

With a population that is 70% white and 10% African-American, when a Staten Island grand jury is presented with a white cop supervised by a black sergeant applying a lethal chokehold, it eliminates the racial component.

RadiomanKC Comments, "Stupid Reporter!":

You don't have to be BLACK to get your civil rights violated!
Storm Troopers are Storm Troopers. Its their culture. Did racism have anything to do with it?  Probably.

DO aggressive police make matters BETTER or WORSE? Do we really want gestapo tactics on our citizens...or just blacks and peeps with tattoos??

The little shrimp in the front with D.D. on his back is a co-conspirator in this murder. Riling the harrassed man more, aggressively touching him over a misdemeanor charge of selling loosies, single cigarettes. HE BULLIED this already police-tormented man rather than trying to CALMING him and just writing up a ticket. Training issue or just part of the bully police culture?  Or worse... a conspiracy?

He too should be tried along with the bully muscle behind the dead guy who choked him and took him down. Again, over a minor charge.

These men must face the music. Police are quick to make examples of hapless citizens.  They just don't let UP.  It's a control thing with bully cops.  And good cops look the other way because they half to work with these abusers!   Turnaround is fair play. And pro-police prosecutors  need to dance too, serving their own interests to win cases, at the expense of the citizens!

ELSE, ALL state legislators get them out of the middle and appoint special prosecutors to end this conflict of interest.   Do law and order Republicans DARE gloss this over?

LET BULLY COPS take to the streets. Quit if we don't let you abuse us!  Fire skinhead cops. You military types are not US!  We only want the good ones which is probably most of them, the ones not in there busting heads for fun.

And the black female supervisor... you think they were taking direction from HER?
Not damned likely!   Lets give the GOOD cops a break and get rid of the assholes!  Most people know what a bully is!   They were middle school bullies who grew up and became cops, wifebeaters and soldiers.  Just like crooked lawyers and lyin salesmen...they ruin some very good career reputations.  

I think this investigation may go clear to the Governor who wanted a crackdown on lucy blackmarket cigarette sellers.   Let HIM eat it for sicking cops on the loosey salesmen.  And let the LEGISLATORS who wrote the high taxes, take there share of the blame as well.  Tories!

TEA PARTIERS are on the wrong side!

Seems to ME... the Tea Partiers should forget about Obama, and dress up as INDIANS, raid local retailers, take their OVERTAXED CIGARETTE CARTONS off the shelves, and DUMP EM INTO the NEW YORK HARBOR!

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