Dec 8, 2014

So OFFICIALS ARE playing DUMB on FERGUSON and for Obama to PARDON Bush and Cheney tomorrow?

Not being an active reporter for some time, but as a regular reader of Associated Press self-written or republished stories, I've got the impression AP is a bit right-leaning these days.    Witness the lastest story printed on the blog of KMBC-TV's Michael Mahoney.

It's a half story.  With a misleading headline. Mo Attorney General  Chris  Koster's not even IN the story.  Maybe just a mistake... maybe Mahoney just failed to delete an old headline in his blog.  Dunno.

But more disturbing... the St Louis Prosecutor is PLAYING DUMB on WHY  critical witness testimony was NOT RELEASED.

Check this curious report...

So what wire service, newspaper or ace TV reporter's going to drive to Jeff City or St Louis and ask these people directly for the answers, the transcripts, and who made the decision not to include it in the massive release of data on the Ferguson case?

VIDEO STORY:  On Dec 7th, KSDK TV St Louis made some's their video.

UPDATED:   The news finally came out about a key woman clearly lying to protect the cop.   It ain't gonna be pretty for St LOUIS OFFICIALS.  I expect the cop's goin down.  Maybe the DA, too!   DEVELOPING.

Did St Louis officials release thir OWN interviews with Johnson?  If not, WHY not?   As to the FBI's interviews, sounds like we'll have to wait.

Breaking BOMBSHELL...



Big Report Due out on Summary of CIA Torture Tuesday that has US officials worried about world reaction this week.  Our people overseas on alert.

MORE... MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reports Monday the Tuesday's New York Times will have the head of the ACLU asking 
Pres Obama TO PARDON Former Pres George Bush and VP Dick Cheney.    The two have not been charged with torture crimes but the ACLU says PARDONS would show the world that torture is a crime and keep it from happening again.

(Gosh what would Chief GOP Investigator Daryl Issa and so many Republicans think?)

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