Dec 8, 2014

Hagel Stumped By Soldier Asking if Afghanistan Will Fall Apart Like Iraq?? NOT STUMPED. JUST NOT OUR PROBLEM!

By Joel Gehrke  National Review Full Article
December 8, 2014 12:29 PM

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel was stumped by an Army staff sergeant who asked him for an assurance that the security situation in Afghanistan wouldn’t deteriorate after the withdrawal of American forces the way broad areas of Iraq succumbed to the Islamic State.

“In the end each country must take the responsibility for their own futures and for their own fate and for governing themselves,” Hagel replied.

The outgoing Pentagon chief insisted that Iraq and Afghanistan are “more different” than they are alike, although he noted some troubling similarities.

“But yes, some similar threats: terrorism,” he said. “Some of the same factors, some of the same organizations that wanted to do everything they can to destroy the United States as well as Western values and Western civilization. So there are common interests. There are common challenges. But how we work and cooperate with other countries is always — is always a little different. And I think that in this case that’s the case.”

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National Review wrote this headline badly. Bad choice of words. Hagel clearly wasn't stumped. National Review just didn't like the answer.
 Hagel basically said what Obama's said, most of the country's said other than the warhawks and oil barons. Our job isn't to babysit countries... they have responsibility to form their OWN destiny. If necessary, using THEIR blood and not ours.
The trouble with the mideast... they are tribal and not statist like the West is. They have no loyalty to territorial borders.  Their history is far longer than OURS!
We should have known that before BUSH went into Iraq. The Russians should have known before going into Afghanistan. We went in for one reason... to clean out al Queda areas where OUR OWN ENEMIES were training and staging.
Bush 43 should have followed his dad's advice, of getting in and getting out.
And NEVER have gone into IRAQ...except for one bad assumption. He and his people thought they could stabilize oil supply and prices in the face of OPEC's unpredictability.
The only way to solve this is for our government and its Congressmen to stop military and tax aid to BIG OIL. To remind those corporations they're NOT in the OIL IMPORT business. And not our job to keep their supply lines open with our soldiers.
BIG OIL's job is to realize they're in the ENERGY business, and they should divest their profits and invest in solar and wind generation.
But why should they?   They've bribed our government so thoroughly, we'll do their oil gathering and supply protection FOR them!
If we add up the military costs, the tax cuts to the price at the pump all these years, I shudder to think how much gasoline REALLY costs us! Meanwhile big corporations are doing everything they can to keep our ENERGY the way it is... they're making a KILLING.

On us, on the arabs, our own soldiers, and our ECONOMY!

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