Nov 19, 2014

WHERE's the NEWS? Big Networks not carrying Obamas AMNESTY Announcement THURSDAY. (News has left for CABLE so let's go THERE!)

President Barack Obama will finally make public tomorrow night his plan to overhaul immigration. However, while his prime time speech will postpone part of Univision’s 15th annual Latin Grammys, it will not be covered by the Big 4.

 The administration said today that Obama will be speaking live from the White House at 8 PM ET on Thursday. But ABC has the fall finale for Grey’s Anatomy on at that time, while CBS has ratings powerhouse The Big Bang Theory, NBC has reality show The Biggest Loser and Fox has Bones. As of right now, none plans changes to their regularly scheduled Thursday night November sweep schedules for the approximately 15-minute speech. Although Obama’s speech will be seen on cable news siblings Fox News and MSNBC, Fox and NBC are not carrying it live on their broadcast networks; CNN will show it live. ---

 From RadiomanKC--a TV News veteran:

 Looks to me like the traditional long-lines (now satellite fed) Networks and their affiliates are slowly handing over their news audience to CABLE.

WILL someone offer their programs  PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME... how network affiliates  ignore their responsibility to operate "IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST" (An FCC phrase from the Communication Act of 1934) but wants NEVER to PAUSE From their PROFITS, to the rare request for PUBLIC INTEREST programming like a Presidential address to the nation!! 
 I've never understood why ABC and CBS even keep their nightly newscasts and all the news expense necessary to support those half hour programs. Mornings have gone entertainment... so what's left? A poorly placed early evening newscast when so many working people aren't even HOME yet? 

OVERDOSE on Local Ghetto News and Weathercasts

And how many look-alike local newscasts do we need from FOUR affiliates? Yeah yeah, Local crime news, cute puppies and lots of weather IS cheap programming and mostly profit for local affiliates. Guess cheaper than Wheel of Fortune or some syndicated entertainment show to run against their competitors newscasts?

 Before cable, when there were only three TV signals, a TV license was a license to STEAL. But today, with so many TV choices, we've seen the wreckage.

Stations have GUTTED their reporting staffs and added more newscasts (commercial availabilities) and time-eating LIVE SHOTS,  but only repeating what's already been gathered from the overnight crime beat.   Without reporters, MISSING are local economic stories, your school and government stories, and warnings of what the state legislators are about to do to us in the state capital.  Of COURSE we only vote based on yard signs!

It does not help that Newspapers have gutted THEIR staffs too.  Now NO ONE is covering the news.   TV can't even steal from the local paper!


TV News is 'news' with no calories!  Smoke and mirrors written like "My Weekly Reader" when you were little.  Little of it affects you except maybe tomorrow's weather!  No details.  They assume everyone has ADHD and you don't really wanna know stuff!

I think it's a matter of time when news becomes a specialty program and there won't be enough audience left for everybody to play and make money.

I can't believe FOX affiliates haven't been first to throw in the towel. Followed by either ABC or CBS stations. With todays ignorant viewers on this last election, it's clear, they aren't serving the public interest to be informed. They do seem to take all those propaganda commercials at election time, have you noticed? They just don't ever roll any of that cash into their news departments to actually TRUTHCHECK those ads!

TV Stations don't cover the news.   They stop looking as soon as they fill up their newscasts!  

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