Nov 8, 2014

VIDEO: Ks Sen Pat Roberts, Ted Cruz, a few others to stop OBAMA on Immigration Amnesty

Republicans, Including KS Pat Roberts, to fight Obama Amnesty at any cost.

Six GOP senators are vowing to block President Obama from giving undocumented immigrants a way to become U.S. citizens.

In a Wednesday letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his colleagues pointed out that Congress has the right to establish immigration policy, The Blaze reported.

"Should you decline to defend the Senate and the Constitution from executive overreach, the undersigned senators will use all procedural means necessary to return the Senate's focus during the lame-duck session to resolving the constitutional crisis created by President Obama's lawless amnesty," the senators wrote.

The letter was signed by Cruz, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Mike Lee of Utah, Pat Roberts of Kansas, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and David Vitter if Louisiana.

The senators could make their point, and gain leverage on the issue, by holding up funding for government programs until the Senate acts on immigration. A filibuster, a tactic familiar to Cruz, also is possible.

"Obama's plan was delayed in the hopes that it would help Democrats at the polls (in Tuesday's midterm election), a plan that seems to have backfired," The Blaze reported.

While Reid will no longer be the majority leader next year, Obama could try to push through an immigration plan before the new Congress is seated.

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