Nov 18, 2014


Here we are with FERGUSON... angry people about bully cops. Not just about this shooting, but about heavy handed cops from LA's OAKLAND OCCUPY demonstrations, to New York's "Stop and Frisk" policies, clearly a 4th Amendment Constittutional violation by police on NY black people to be left ALONE!

 After watching a NY city man choked to death on a NY street the same week, the American society will be watching VERY CLOSELY to Missouri, and assessing whether a militarized police force with military tanks and armed snipers on our streets is what we want... as opposed to the Andy Griffith, neighborhood policing policies of the past when we were young.

I suspect people want our cops to live in our neighborhoods, rather than just cruising through in armored police cars loaded with weapons, looking for trouble. Moreover I think we REJECT the Iraq-vet culture, skin headed robocops that we've seen these past few years looking for the enemy.

I think policemen need to talk about this among themselves.... create a national association to open that dialog. And when they're done, create a POLICE PROFESSIONAL STANDARD.... like medical people have. Standards of professionalism, licensed, with achievement letters awarded after police take professional certiidxation classes... not just head-busting, but studies in REDUCING STRESS and SITUATIONS, specifics of local laws, Constitutional rights and how to protect them. THIS is what we want out gumment to adhere to.

Not HUNTING for people to jail (again.) And a system so that abusive cops cannot just go to some other small department to bully citizens THERE! We want our ex-cons to be encouraged to SUCCEED, not go back to prison. Drunks to seek TREATMENT, not another night in jail with even more anxiety. Families to solve their problems, not sick gumment on their spouses.

So what shall we say to people?   NEVER CALL THE COPS, for the guberment has no sense of proportion..and they will overrreact, often with their guns and kill your loved ones??

Get the idea? DESPITE what the Supreme Court says, we want you folks to PROTECT AND...AND ..AND SERVE. I'm dissappointed that police have that notion that if all you got's a hammer, then everything looks like a nail so you only have JAIL as a disposition.

 We want our government to do better to help our weaker folks, not just imprison them. So EMAIL this to your FOP president... your CHIEFS..... your legislators. HELP YOUR CITIZENS, don't just IMPRISON THEM.

Hows that been working for us already? Not so well, huh?

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