Nov 18, 2014

LETS TALK ABOUT JUSTIFYING National Greed... read if you dare.


I'm just curious to know why Republicans are so hot to helping the Canadians build a shortcut through the US midwest to sell their oil to the Chinese? Or is it payback by the Koch suckers for all that campaign support from the two rich oil barons from Wichita? Hope the Canadians will decide to cut the Koch Brothers out altogether and ship their oil cross-continent to a Canadian refinery?
No jobs here... just some temp jobs while building it...some 1500 oilmen construction people. Then about 40 to actually monitor the pipeline until it leaks. Baloney, as long as Republicans kept stopping infrastructure jobs on so many kazillians of roads and highways and sewers, etc, , for they've never been concerned about jobs. Republicans continue lying about the number of jobs and the eventual destination for their oil. Canadians and the oil industry refuse to let the US keep the oil. Therein lies the"technical"  lies!
Don't believe the propaganda folks. Let the Republicans give up dirty oil, and let some corporations invest in solar and wind...lots more jobs, permanent ones for a new industry that flourishes elsewhere very well thank you. Why are Republicans so short sighted about the real future of energy. It's not oil, not stripmining, not dirty air and scarred ground. Not even dirty, reportedly shaky fracking.   Why do thy own their loyalty to big oil rather than just good ENERGY?  I don't know.  Do YOU??


Can't Republicans win an election without oil money? I think they can. I'm hoping the awl bidnessmen will learn bribing Congress isn't a good investment, and they'll quit thinking they're just in the OIL BUSINESS. They're in the ENERGY BUSINESS. Doesn't have to be all liquid. Build and isntall the windmills everywhere, even on public lands like interstate rights of way! And solar farms, and solar panels for home use, like the Germans are doing successfully. Shutting down their dangerous NUCLEAR PLANTS! Fewer tax breaks for oil, more tax breaks for alternative energy.
You did hear even Solyndra is making tons of money now, or do you just watch right wing news? I do NOT UNDERSTAND why so many unaffected Congressmen and millions of Republican voters support dirty energy. What's in it for YOU? You want to stay in the Mideast fighting over their oil, with our blood and treasure?
How much are we REALLY paying for mideast oil, if we ALSO subtract our wars, our sons and their wounds, and ships to stabilize the price and supply over there? This is absurd! Like supporting expensive Health Care if you're not actually IN health care making a living (as my family is) !! Does it not make sense that the less we spend on ENERGY and HEALTH CARE, the more purchasing power we have to provide DEMAND for ALL OTHER INDUSTRIES? Like yours? LIKE YOURS?? LIKE YOURS????

Same with minimum olders remember a minwage of the 60s with much higher purchasing power THEN. Everybody made money. Kids put themselves through school with part time jobs and no student loans. I did!! There is NO GOOD REASON for keeping poor people poor. It doesn't help the rich at all. Or YOU and your kids whose wages are minwage or based on a floor of minwage. Raise minwage, and all jobs paying less than $15 will RISE accordingly. This isn't party DOCTRINE or DOGMA, it's fact. Check Australia... their minwage, and price of McDonalds cheezeburgers! Despite what the Corporate alarmists say, the price is pretty much the same but yes, I expect they will have to accept a more reasonable profit margin! So is SHARING PROFITS more with WORKERS a real PROBLEM? Hello Waltons, owners of the huge WALMART!!
(You spend your kazillions on a Bentonville ARK ART MUSEUM, but don't pay you peeps enough so they don't have to apply for foodstamps? What the hell is the MATTER WITH YOU and YOUR GREED?) Let us Americans SHUN THEM for their GREED!
Everybody makes money when everybody HAS money. Else the poor just go to Walmart, buy the minimum Chinese goods and basic foods. And small business across America sees no customers coming in their strip mall retail shops! This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! Tried and true. Were you all on Mars when Clinton was president...and before, in the 60-s 70s?
We all did very well! Today, not so much. Give it some thought. But ESPECIALLY, broaden your news diet and get away from the corporatists propaganda. You're missing out on a balanced breakfast. Thanks for listening. Don't waste time namecalling me a leeberal... this is economics. I took 6 hours in college. Did YOU? Don't waste time listening to commenters just parroting the right's mantra. Broaden your sources.

If you truly can be objective in your news consumption, evaluate facts and wade through both party bullship, you will be smarter, and realize economics isn't black and white, isn't one side or the other, and we have some history now to assess what works and what doesn't. Don't know where to look? Well this site has been good about letting me offer up alternative places to find stuff. I respect them for that. Spend some time. We HAVE time. Bless us all and give us open minds to learn new things for ourselves and build a better country for us and our offspring!

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