Nov 28, 2014

DARE you listen to PROGRESSIVE thinking about FIXING our SCREWED UP country?

That St Louis County prosecutor really screwed up on Ferguson by not doing his job. This is going to get a lot bigger than him, the cop, the dead kid and this town.
Fact is, blacks especially-- and young, and poor and ex-felons-- are sick of bully cops. Many of us grew up before they became Nazis...and with smartphones, this won't last long.

So what about the next American Revolution-- LAW AND ORDER TO PROTECT THE RICH, or SLAVE WAGES ON THE POOR?

Sure, St Lou is a bit redneck, being Missouri and all. But this needs to stop.  NY, Chicago, LA and lots of places in between have figured this out.   Maybe police have brought this attitude on bullying when no one's looking!    One on one!.

GROWN UP VOTERS, and ARMED 2nd amendment nutcases in rural America will be empowered by all this...and will get unpredictable when they discover the corporatists intend to hold the slave wages down. And the Republicans are doing their bidding in legislatures and Congress. I can see a rebellion happening when people get HUNGRY.  
The Revolution.  In the 1700s, it was the colonial property owners organizing the rebellion against the King over taxes and slave indebtedness.
Today, the Tea Partier INVESTORS have stolen the vision but they really don't own it. Sadly, the funders of the Tea Party are really libertarian Corporatists tricking you to get rid of gumment so they can do what they want to their customers without gumment interference!
This time, it will be the middle and poor class, armed to the TEETH, that will go after those very Tories...the Corporatists. Will the cops defend the property owners, or fight against them? I really don't know. We PRESUME they'll be the sheriff's soldiers for the King, or the Sheriff of Nottingham, whoever. 
Or to switch movies, they would defend the CAPITAL from the Districts. (We haven't seen THAT LAST Hunger Games movie yet.)  But we know the people will win in the end, don't we--the good guys ALWAYS win?   Are the police against the people, or WITH them?  I dunno but if they aren't loyal to the people instead of the government,  it will be very bloody!

Don't you find the name "Homeland Security" just a little unsettling? I do. It sounds downright Orwellian. Ever heard of George Orwell? If not, your high school history teacher let you down! And set you up to be sheep for the corporatists! You should go have a word or two with your old civics teachers back in the day on why they just taught out of the textbook!
I don't think this POLICE ABUSE WILL END very pretty. Because of smartphones and websites like COP BLOCK, and the rest of the internet showing police abuse, I'll be surprised if bully cops will survive this. They have destroyed the credibility of both police and the justice system behind them. This is not OUR problem. It's THEIR job to improve their self-deserved bad image and reputation.
We really don't like that system imprisoning more people than any other nation. People are angry. have lost respect for police for the law, the legal system, and even our sense of VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE with LAWS that helped build the country.
Now the Conservative Corporatists in the right wing media are openly blaming OBAMA to make some political points.... rather than the bully cops! Very bad move because the wealthy corporatists are outnumbered. Have we learned NOTHING, as we watch the Muslims STREET destroy their civilization because of their culture of religious anarchy?
STUPID IDEA.  The Koch brothers want less government... they are libertarians. I think those oilmen should stick to making money and not dabbling in politics. They are exactly as wrong as the Russians were in 1917 trying a new system called "Communism" That too failed.
And Republicans need to move FAR to the middle... there is no future in shilling for the rich. They may fund elections, but they don't vote. Just what SHOULD Republicans favor? Balanced budget? Ok. Religion in govt? NOT Ok. Corporate Deregulation? NOT ok. Big companies eating up Little companies? NOT ok. True honest competition? OK. Hurting the environment or creating powerful monopolies? NOT ok.
Are you just an OIL man, or an ENERGY man?  WHICH?   It's soo too bad OIL COMPANIES don't see themselves as ENERGY COMPANIES, and look for alternative energy in their future, instead of just OIL... that isn't so harmful to the air we breathe. But OIL companies only see their function as PUMPING OIL, not creating ENERGY.   They need to think BIGGER!
If all you have is a HAMMER... then everything looks like a NAIL. Study on this phrase for a LONG WHILE!
Our fickle electorate will quit listening to Fox in the Morning as soon as they look at their non-increasing paychecks and tryng to pay corporations higher prices. Chinese cheap goods will only work so long.
This society has lost its dedication to educating our children more than we were. Resulting in a dumbing down that will further take us out of world labor competition. This is what GREED DOES.
MEDIA keeps us DUMB to make money.  That's all they want.  MONEY.    The MEDIA needs to re-educate where the schools and the mainstream and right leaning media have failed us. It might be good TV to show reality TV on the streets of Ferguson.... but it won't fix it. And it has not occurred to whites that the poor and middle class WHITE CULTURE is next on the target list.

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