Oct 15, 2014

PANNING for GOLD NUGGETS of WISDOM on Internet Comments.....

Not targeting you but I just wanted to share this and hope you will to, to others as we assess website articles and the COMMENTS by readers who often know more than the authors.... but not always.


Why must we endure it?

Why do uneducated morons fill the internet with stupid comments? Just because of a need to participate? Was this caused when high school teachers and college professors mistakenly allowed the unwashed, ignorant students to 'participate' in class?  Why do they waste our time?   Hearing from the morons sitting next to us is SUCH a waste of our class time!

Moreover, we don't pay for THEIR inane views, we pay for professional knowledge! Guess they do it because classmates need to TALK more than LISTEN-- even if they don't know much and we are forced to ENDURE their illogic!   And that's the cost of keeping everyone engaged in the class!

Stupidity  is one of the great weaknesses of the Internet... the notion that every axxhole has an opinion -- and some phony right to distract us with theirs!

Finding new ideas is worthwhile for sure, but it does take time... like panning for gold.   Don't stop.  So often the GOLD is found in the comments if you're patient enough to pan for it.

What to do?  Should we comment on stupid posts or just ignore them?   IMHO, we must decide whether its between US and THEM, or OTHER READERS.   I don't waste my time with argumentative morons.   I write to the room's other readers I might want to bring to reason.

Never waste too much time with the morons, individually.

A study in comments.   Wanna know more?   Here's one--pretty polite actually--  that just came up today just for your entertainment.


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