Sep 25, 2014

REPUBLICANS SUFFER ORGASM! Right wing DRUDGE REPORT misquotes NPR Story on Holder Stepping down... and the right slams NPR with negative comments

NPR headlines their story, "Holder to Step Down'.
MATT DRUDGE headlines his page today linking to NPR's balanced story with "HOLDER LOSES GRIP"...CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS CASE WILL PROCEED."
The only problem with that was that the NPR story didn't allege Holder was losing grip.. and didn't mention any Contempt of Congress case.

And here's' the link to NPR's STORY....
Compare for YOURSELF, Drudge's Headline to the NPR story and enjoy the comments!

Drudge's phony HEADLINE was enough to send hundreds of right wingers over to create accounts on NPR's site to comment their hate. This is how Drudge, Rush and Fox keep their nutcases wound up tight---with misquotes!

As of this writing at midafternoon 2100 comments already, a great many trashing Obama and Holder.
Here are two recent comments of readers noticing the onslaught.
Alex Glidden • 16 minutes ago
Well this has been fun but I feel a blitzkrieg coming from npr's message board shock troopers. Get ready for a lot of, "This Comment Has Been Deleted."
Jimbo Squad • 17 minutes agoYou know someone is doing a good job when all the neocons and FOX-ites come out vilifying someone and screaming like banshees - it's my own personal litmus test.. He was a champion for the civil rights and the right wing Republicans are not to keen on civil rights for non-whites and non-Christians.

Matt Drudge

The Drudge Report is a popular right wing aggregator site that links to news and right wing comment from all over the country, and even world.   He has a definate point of view and expresses it in what he chooses or avoids linking... and how he headlines those links.

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