Sep 7, 2014

Meet the Press is BACK. Too bad The Drudge Report can't just play it without distortion!

Chuck Todd did a nice job with his debut show of Meet the Press, replacing the lackluster and stilted David Gregory.   The interviews were better.  Gone the 'Gotcha Game" that both Gregory and Tim Russert served up every Sunday, playing back old tape to catch guests changing their positions on issues.

And rather than just play beltway talking point politics, MTP aired a useful piece about cities investing in themselves to bring their economies back.  Even a lesson there for capitalists who horde their money instead of putting it to work.

Todd debuted with a relaxed and rounded interview with President Obama... but not how Matt Drudge portrayed it--since he has his right leaning agenda.

Nother case of Matt writing a misleading headline to a legit news story.   I watched it... Obama was very comfortable with Todd.  No squirming.

Same with Obama and immigration.  Nowhere in the story Drudge linked to was the word "Amnesty."    Seems to just be a right wing word because they don't want to authorize non-citizen work permits for people already here with their families.

Moreover, if they have to work for their eventual citizenship, 'amnesty' is a misleading word.  Drudge is good at distortion, sadly.   So unnecessary because his readers aren't Cheap Shot TeaPartiers who think "obummer", and "libtard"  are clever words... Drudge's readers are more educated than that.

Lift yourself up, Matt.   Your readers see through partisan hype.   You don't need to distort the news...or omit big stories that make the right look bad.

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