Sep 2, 2014

Lets get practical about illegals and citizens alike....with FOOLPROOF PHOTO ID. Now's the time.

I don't think illegal aliens should be allowed to do ANYTHING in the US without valid, TAMPER-PROOF positive photo-fingerprint ID and the Social Security database to back it up. With annotations whether undocumented people's birth dates and places are "claimed" or validated with actual documents.

But whichever, that will forever be who they are in the eyes of the United States.

We need this level of IMMIGRATION REFORM IMMEDIATELY...and for ALL US CITIZENS. Stating whether citizen or non citizen visitor or non citizen resident student or worker. For use in getting a job, paying taxes, voting, drivers licenses, health care, education, government benefits, law enforcement, and passing through the borders, public transportation, getting bank accounts, etc. Positive ID. The days of anonymity are over, so sad.

Children under 18 should have a new photo every year, and adults every 5 years. Employers need to validate the fingerprint with the database record on file... our technology should be able to do this.

And no entry without getting in line for the ID, no matter how long the wait.

This is REFORM but certainly not AMNESTY...

Congress should fund a national positive ID system immediately...and worry about permanent policy later.  Provide for a 5 year implementation for citizens...and no more than 2 years for foreign nationals.

 I would further suggest that alien workers pay into social security when they work, but can't collect it unless they become citizens... and the clock to START the citizenship process for at least 7 years doesn't start until this registration goes into the database.

Other citizenship tests normally required, including English proficiency applies

WHY NOT??  Congress should fund this ID system immediately...and worry about permanent policy later when Republicans finally wake up.

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