Sep 3, 2014

KS Democrat bows out of SENATE race so Independent Greg Orman of OLATHE can knock off Incumbent Senator Pat Roberts R-(fossil of Virginia) MSNBC sez McCaskill helped out!!

Here's Orman's facebook page...lets give him a good look.     Chad Taylor has terminated his campaign to let Orman go after Roberts.... which could tip the balance in the senate to keep it in Democrat hands.

UPDATE:  MSNBC reporting tonight MissouriSenator Claire McCaskill was involved in talking Taylor into withdrawing so the race becomes a 2 person, not 3 person race against Pat Roberts.

From Orman's FB page...


I’m Greg Orman, and I’m running as an Independent for U.S. Senate because Washington is broken and we need a new approach.


Hard work is a big part of the Orman family—Greg’s mother, Darlene Gates, raised Greg and his five siblings while working full time as a registered nurse. As her youngest children entered elementary school, Greg’s mother set an example for her children by going back to college to earn a bachelor’s degree, and despite the long work hours, she always made time to attend (and cheer) her children’s sporting events.

If the name ‘Orman’ is familiar, it’s because Greg’s father, Tim, opened a furniture store in Stanley, KS in 1971. Greg spent his teenage years working in the warehouse at the store, earning his first paycheck at 13. It was working at his father’s store when Greg learned that successful businesses take care of their employees, develop efficient, practical solutions to problems, and know when to take new directions. Those are the values—Kansas values—that Greg will bring to the U.S. Senate.

Now, Greg lives in Olathe with his wife, Sybil, and their two dogs, Lucy and Mala. Greg is involved with several businesses throughout the country, including Combat Brands in Lenexa, Kansas, and Sybil is earning her Ph.D in Education Leadership and Policy Studies program at the University of Kansas after spending 4 years teaching at the Turner School District in Kansas City, Kansas.

Education and Business Background:

Greg graduated from Princeton University in 1991 with a degree in economics joined the McKinsey & Company consulting firm shortly thereafter. In 1992, while at McKinsey, Greg started Environmental Lighting Concepts (ELC). ELC designed and installed energy efficient lighting systems for commercial and industrial companies. Orman left McKinsey in 1994 to run ELC full time.

As ELC’s CEO, Greg opened a second office in Kansas in 1995 before opening additional offices across the country. In November 1996, Greg sold 70% of ELC to Kansas City Power & Light. He then assumed management of KCP&L’s energy services operations and eventually the company’s entire portfolio of competitive businesses . He grew the business more than tenfold, from less than $100 million dollars to almost a billion dollars in annual revenue.

In 2004, Greg co-founded Denali Partners, LLC, and has been working to provide capital and management services to help small businesses grow since then.


Greg is active in the American Legion’s Boys’ State program—after being selected to attend the American Legion’s Boys’ Nation program in Washington, DC in 1986, Greg had the privilege of meeting President Ronald Reagan in the White House Rose Garden.

Greg credits much of his personal success to his participation in the American Legion’s program and has returned to Minnesota for over 25 years to deliver the annual commencement address to the Minnesota’s Boys’ State program.

Greg has served on the boards of the Kansas City Zoo and the Gala at the Glen for Cystic Fibrosis, and led the capital campaign for the YMCA’s Youth in Government program. And Greg also co-founded Common Sense Coalition to give a voice to independent and sensible middle of the road voters who are unrepresented in the current broken system. By helping people come together and find common-ground solutions to the nation's problems, Greg has worked to address that the partisans have been unable or unwilling to tackle

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