Aug 23, 2014

Seems to be the TV story du jour. More stuff on how to deal with Police...Video and dialogue

Your Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, case law and How to Survive a Police Stop.   Chris Rock's story and a 45 minute video.

 2 column page for desktop or laptop:

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And my rant on
Bully Cops hunting blacks in NY... and what steps I think we must do to reel them in.  Interesting video.
Ya do know that the court last week back videotaping police in public but you can't interfere with them.

Fox4 KC did a nice reprint of a government document you may want to look over on not getting on the wrong side of the law during a stop.   H/T to TKC for covering this well.

Just an afterthought... if the good cops don't like the heat, maybe they should quit covering for the bad ones!   And shaved headed Robocops need to let their hair grow out so it will occur to them that they're just like US!

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