Aug 20, 2014

Republicans want to sick their corporate raider on us again! I guess they don't have any good candidates!

A little something for my Conservative friends.

I posted this over on the Washington Times, commenting on a story about how wonderful Mitt Romney is...a planted story to gin up support for that rich loser:

If Mitt Romney were president, he'd run up all the Southern states in debt, take his cut, take said states BANKRUPT, and then sell em off for scrap.
 The last thing we need is a very rich corporate raider to run the country--a guy who made his living screwing people out of their jobs and their retirement benefits!

I'd take a community organizer ANY day, even if he's black and got half the country trying to defeat his every move. Any failings Obama's had you can lay directly at the feet of the Republican party which has NO RESPECT for our last two presidential elections. How can I support a party that won't support my vote? Obama won. They should have gotten over it the morning after the last two big elections.

But big business doesn't pay them to get over it. Hence, we've had six years of political warfare. If you claim to be a Republican and don't make at least a million dollars a year, you're a FOOL for backing the wrong side! They're not at ALL on your side, chump!

You'd be paying DEARLY for your bigoted attitudes, so hope to heck those evil 'liberals' win the next few elections to save you from yourself!

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