Aug 18, 2014

Forgive my POLITICAL PARANOIA... But what's more important than pissy KCMO city hall politics? Yeah, this isn't CHICAGO! No one gives a shit!

I have long suspected that the state will turn, once done with the blacks, to the armed Tea Partiers...and the freely given military weapon the police is Homeland Security's plan. This has nothing to do with Obama-- or ANY president.

Don't let them mention OBAMA constantly as the TeaParty propagandists do to bring out your prejudices. Hell, he's not even up for reelection! It's a distraction to appeal to your emotions. This is WAY bigger than emotions--for your FEELINGS are only a way to get TO you! And it works because you hate blacks, don't you? Try to look beyond your feelings about black people to find the truth about what they REALLY want. It ain't about blacks anymore than it was to the Germans about jews. They're just playing you! Riling you up!

The state/militTary complex, the spying, the self-preservation is an entity of its OWN. We need to quit fighting over who presides over the state for that is ILLUSION of power. Yes, the state is easily capable of hoodwinking even YOUR leaders as they did Bush. Bush was never the fascist. It was Cheney whispering on the INSIDE, and the corporatists bribing the Congress from the OUTSIDE.

Eisenhower warned us and he's been proven right. It's the fascists. Every country has them. Sadly, Republicans are playing into their hands or are part of the movement, keeping their base always living in fear, wanting control and not wanting to pay the penalty for making middle class people poor. The state will go after YOUR guns next when you get as angry as blacks are for being forever kept more poor than YOU are!

And small businessmen will play along to keep the crumbs they have collected. If you guys don't wake up, thise up, you won't recognize this country in 20 years. Force the rich to recycle their wealth back to the people, not hide it overseas away from the taxman. Only THEN, will everybody win. Big fish always try to eat the little fish by hook or crook. Which are YOU?
I think if you're not a million dollars a year guy, you should join the populists, raise wages to keep the middle class coming in the door to buy stuff. Always vote your own economic interest... the wealthy aren't planning to make you rich anymore than they're planning to give good jobs to the middle class.

I'm amazed how silent Republican ordinary voters and their politicians are about bully and militarized policing. Shows the same disregard they have for democracy. They will come after you eventually.

The danger is when the wealthy and the state join forces. Goggle "Fascism" and you'll see that's the original Mussolini definition---its not 'totalitarianism' as most people think, which is only a byproduct: It's the marriage of corporatists and government. Republicans don't want you to notice that, but that's what they're buying.

Maybe political leaders knows more about HISTORY than YOU do?

That happens when ya introduce big money into government. The founding fathers are surely turning over in their graves...for the King isn't Obama...its the board room that hires lobbyists to buy politicians. Pay attention and get your nose out of Murdoch's Fox/Wall Street Journal. He's already owned by the bad people who want your money.

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