Aug 17, 2014

BULLY and MILITARIZED COPS...An institutional problem in America we won't Tolerate!

Meet the 17-Year-Old Who Blew the Lid Off Racial Profiling with His iPOD!

"We're going to go out there and violate some rights."   Hear the secret NY police recordings that will take your breath away.   In a bad way.

What to do?

1st.   get Homeland Security to quit giving military hardware to cops... if we make soldiers out of our police, they will attack us and hunt us.    Get rid of the Kevlar and the helmets and goggles and the military tactics.

2nd.  Establish a certification system for lawmen through some association that requires CEU's (Continuing Education Units) like health care people must do to be licensed to be hired.  Not just training on choke holds and and smashmouth, but training on rights, laws, court decisions, and De-ESCALATION rather than ESCALATION.

3rd.  Charge higher ups with crimes and make them do time... hate crime time.   Investigate departments with frequent examples of institutional wrongdoing.  And police chiefs should be the first to go.

4th.   Charge cops for violating people's rights and make it a felony crime.    Make ZERO COMPLAINTS the rule... fine officers serious money and fire them for more than a couple charges.

5th.   Keep shooting videos of police misbehavior... pass them to the media and also put them on Facebook, since so many in the media are in bed with the police who provide TV with so much of their nightly news fare.  Yes, police do get even with the media unless they look the other way.

6th.   Do it like Germany does... shoot to WOUND, not shoot to KILL.

7th.   Seek more racial diversity on police forces and establish community policing everywhere.

8th   Require officers to wear lapel cams and mics which can't be turned off.   Its been shown in experiments that this cuts down on complaints drastically.


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