Jul 24, 2014

SHARE THIS! The News LINKS: What's playing today AROUND THE WORLD?

Is ANY major news outlet OBJECTIVE?  Probably not.  SO READ EVERYTHING YOU CAN to get a more clear picture--not just one brand of dogfood!     See what's playing in the major capitals and how they play the stories.   Compare.  


         US Press          

CNN International site;
CNN has multiple sites targeted for US, Hispanic and others.

Left/liberal leaning US political views,
 designed as an alternative to Fox.

Unmistakably right leaning US political views,
owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp

Mainstream media NOT on the cable news.

Establishment, generally objective
without political agendas

Prestigious balanced newspaper

 Unmistakable anti-Obama,
 right leaning news and opinion

Financial Newspaper owned by Newscorp,
 Rupert Murdoch, owner of FoxNews

Objectivity is noted

Public Broadcasting, more facts than opinion

Balanced, graphic oriented short story news
News aggregator, uses Reuters, AP, AFP
ABC and others to republish online

Voice of America  to other nations

Newspaper written for US military

  British Press  
British press covers the US with some independent news judgment.  Worthy of US

   More sensational than newsworthy

Conservative London paper

 Center left views

Slightly liberal

Balanced reporting, briefs

British Broadcasting.
Respected editorial policy

     Russian Press      
Don't expect Russian media to criticize their government.  Not if they want to survive.

Russia Today
Pro-Kremlin Pop TV

Slightly more liberal than we'd expect.

NEW Gazette
Liberal but careful!

Pro Russian govt

 Pro Russian govt coverage

        Arab Press         

American version covers US and World
 especially Arab world.  Links to other versions.
This is not a propaganda site.  They are driving to be a legit,
objective news source.

Iran's PressTV FB.    Website The world from Iran's point of view.

       Israeli Press        
Well, pro Israeli, for sure.

  Liberal, oldest paper

     Japanese Press      

  Japan PublicTV

         India Press         

Press Trust of India

       Chinese Press     
Press is not FREE in China by American standards

XinuaNet Intnl, China

    Knowledge Base   

The Cliff Notes version of World Facts! 
User written public encyclopedia.
Not always accurate but generally a quick way
 to be briefed on people, companies, countries,
and issues, including major current events.

  MANY Partisan Websites and Facebook Pgs  

BEST LINKS:  Facebook and Website pages sorted by political viewpoint

 BEST OF THE WEB page links to hundreds of links--more news, politics, food, computers  facebook pages and partisan sites.  Bring a sack lunch and have fun!   (Don't give up your desktop/laptops.  Smartphones will make you dumber--GUARANTEED!)

BEST 1-column screens: SMARTPHONES.     

BEST 2-column screens:  LAPTOP/DESKTOPS

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