Jul 26, 2014

Obama taking action to think BIG...not accepting moron Republicans. What will happen if he legalizes Mexicans by Exec Action next month?

An ESSAY about letting the Hispanics IN!   Will it change America?

I think unanticipated results over Immigration Reform is always a possibility and likely, but that happens a lot when we change our thinking and direction. Lets suppose some others besides immigration reform causing big changes in the country (apologies to smartphone readers):

--The Tea Party may well have also triggered events changing the country, giving the Congress more power than is intended--to the ignorant mass swayed by propaganda media.
-- Or gumment's failure to apply the part of the 2nd amendment about "reguted militia"--causing our insane urban murder rates.   Will this turn America from a law abiding culture to a lawless one like so many elsewhere?
--And the court decision to grant profit-motivated CORPORATIONS 'personhoodt' right to 'free speech' with their bribery money to let them take the government away from the people.
--And election of a black president, ending traditional white immigrant political control of the US, basically breaking the glass ceiling protecting European-ancestry control of the country
--And passage of the Civil Rights Act finally ending the remnants of slavery, giving societal rights to ex-slaves even in the South, hereto ignored by mostly Southerners but everplace.
--And Bush's misguided war in Iraq that, for a stable oil supply to the west, has alienated  the entire arab world. And our open border from the mideast allowing visiting terrorists to infiltrate us and get even for corrupting their society with our  western ways and influence with bombs.
--And the Republican deliberate decision to ignore the will of the people and stalemate the TWICE elected president with their congressional collusion. A precedent setter to destroy democracy as a ultimate public policy direction from the people.
--And others. Like sending too much aid to Ukraine to place us face to face with nuclear power Russia--surely risking WWIII as it was WWI.
--Or using the A bomb on Hiroshima triggering the eventual end of humanity in the spread of that technology to the irresponsible among us. Killing many millions a century later.
--Or refusing to get off oil by making both our Earth dirtier and more polluted and give the Mideast the one card they hold over us all.
--And fracking, pipelines and transportation of petroleum that may pollute our groundwater supply forever, making water more dear than energy.
--or failing to force the food industry to keep our food supply pure and free of chemicals changing our physical makeup forever--all for profits.
--Or allowing foreign visitors to travel freely, setting the stage for a world wide disease epidemic that could spread a killer virus worldwide in only months..
Are you suggesting we shouldn't ACT when it seems the right thing to do because something bad might happen? Tell me. "I" don't know. But it strikes me as a bad idea to let ourselves be frozen in fear. It also strikes me that we should gamble to do the moral thing, not the political one.

The religious types suggest that despite our checkered past, "GOD" smiles on us as a blessed nation, just like the Jews call themselves God's Chosen people. And then they're nearly wiped out by Hitler. Will He do the same to us for bullying the world for money profits? So how should we proceed?
OBAMA - Friend or Foe?

How would history 75 years treat Obama if he reforms immigration by himself and even gets successfully impeached by his racist enemies for it? Despite being called a 'dumb ass socialst' by todays parochial thinkers, he may be a world hero revered forever, even as we, who lived in the past, roll over in our graves 40 years from now.
And those who impeached him and supported that in places like THIS, may not be talked about, like GWB is not talked about. And Klansmen and Communists, and Salem witchhunters are not talked about.

All speculation. But it's very fun to try to step out of today fights, and wonder how HISTORY will treat us for what we're doing today, isn't it?

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