Jul 19, 2014

A hundred mostly rare but some classic WWII Pacific theater photos. Check em

B-25 heads for 1st attack on Tokyo
This is great stuff for those of you wanting to know what our fathers or if you're younger, Grandfathers, did in the Pacific theater. Real good quality collectibles too if you like to save war photos.

> These photographs were classified during WW II. Many of us
> have not seen photography like this. These are beautiful,
> stark black and white pictures, about 110 of them, of
> historical significance in this collection. At the end of the
> pics there are some interesting comments.
> For many of us, our fathers and/or grandfathers participated in
> this action...
> World War II: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters.


Hat Tip to my good friend Dot Bishop for this great link

If you're an utter photo phan, enjoy my vast collection and bring a sack lunch.  You can also share if you like to show others who love photographer creativity, which I repost as a contribution and salute to their marvelous shared work for mankind:

Goto MORE and click on "ALBUMS" to see other topics and THOSE many photos!  When you check the "Kansas City" album, you'll see I've stolen some of Eric Bowers'  best work that so impressed me.  We all have cameras, but not all of us have TALENT!

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