Jun 4, 2014

Tea Party claims desperation emailing for money. Here's the letter.

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Have you seen this email yet?  We really need you to read this one and help if you can!

Dear Patriot,
I'm going to lay it out honestly for you, the Tea Party is as close as we've ever been to being permanently exiled to the political wilderness.  We've always believed that no matter how they lied about us, smeared our leaders, or sabotaged our efforts, our righteous mission would overcome. We kept working and winning and the movement kept growing.

We continue to secure important policy and electoral victories that most people never hear about. We've been forced to drag spineless Republican "leadership" kicking and screaming into every confrontation with the Obama administration.  Without the Tea Party movement Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, and the rest of this dangerous administration would have never even faced a challenge on the disaster known as Obamacare.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that sometimes when I think about our opponents unlimited cash supply, control of the instruments of authority, and domination of the media I get overwhelmed.  It's at those times I think about my children and how much worse it will be for them, unless we fight.

For inspiration imagine how distressing it must have been for the generations that fought off the English empire, the robber barons, Hitler and half the world.  We need to raise what sounds like a lot of money this week, $100,000.  Our opponents happily waste that kind of campaign money daily, it's easy because it's our money!   Even their campaign money is our money because it was bought with the distribution of our tax dollars.  We are not so fortunate, we have to stretch every penny and even though this email will reach nearly a million people, it's tough times for 'We The People'. Whatever you can give, we need.

We are setting up a special package for everyone who donates at least $20.  It will be filled with patriotic and Tea Party gear.  We have not finalized the details just yet but give at least $20 and you'll get some awesome gear and we'll get the resources we so desperately need.

Thank you,
Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

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