Jun 10, 2014

#2 House Republican ERIC CANTOR blown out of Congress Tues night. Thats a HUGE Deal!

BIG UPSET:  NUTCASE ERIC CANTOR...Republican junior star  BLOWN OUT OF CONGRESS Tues night in a primary by a college professor Tea Party type.

Lets see what those issues are with the challenger.   Why did Cantor lose??

Is it really because the challenger is a Tea Partier, or more because CANTOR was trying to hack the government up with an axe?    Nother words, did Virginians in his district vote the new guy IN or did they blow CANTOR OUT?

Some saw upstart Cantor as a seat warmer who got big Republican attention long before he paid his dues.   And some said he would be the next House Speaker.  Not now, that the voters in his district pulled his seat out from under him.

CANTOR!   Reporters tonight are saying this is about the challengers' PRO IMMIGRATION views... but it may be deeper than that.  Cantor wanted to starve Americans and gut the government and at one time was a Tea Party favorite.  This will take some analysis...and to see what happens to other big name Republicans. Who's NEXT?

Let the other Republicans shake in their boots

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