May 8, 2014

UPDATED!! VIDEO: MSNBC drills down on MO-KAN Republican politics

 MSNBC spends an uncommon amount of national airtime on Wednesday May 7th focusing on Missouri and Kansas politics.... Republican radicalism in both states.

Rachel Maddow's researched recent history and provides a great overview of the right's experiment in both states with analysis from Kansas City's Dave Helling.

Here's the video LINK to the 19 minute network segment that hits Missouri richman politics, KS Governor Sam Brownbeck's risky gamble to starve Kansas into prosperity... and other Republican issues in both states.

KC Star reporter Dave Helling (13 minutes into Rachel Maddows Kansas-Missouri focus) tells his perspective in what's going on.  Helling's been following politics for most of his journalism career.

But if we've learned ANYTHING, it's that whether in KANSAS or MISSOURI.... it's not about us so-wise METRO folks... we hope to enlighten our RURAL MISSOURI parents, cousins, uncles and aunts, and nephews.    They're such a HARDER SELL for they're low-info people and they really don't like us CITY FOLKS explaining today's upscale politics to them.

Just in... the WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of Maddow's piece telling how Republicans are trying to crash and burn BOTH KANSAS and MISSOURI!

And TODAY"s MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT.... a commercial ballad by Jim Evans' campaign against the Ozark Republican Billy Long in Missouri's 7th District   ENJOY

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