May 19, 2014

Star Plugs MSNBC's Chris Hayes revealing reports this week on KANSAS

MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” (7 p.m. weeknights) will feature stories from Kansas all (THIS)  week, part of the show’s “All In America” series.

The taped packages will focus on:

• Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, “a Republican who explains why she tried to convince her Republican colleagues to embrace the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid. She also discusses how a conservative revolution in the Republican Party in Kansas has left more moderates feeling like they don’t have a party anymore.”

• Marquette Elementary in Marquette, southwest of Salina. The school will close permanently next week, a victim of budget cuts. Townspeople are worried about what the loss might mean for their community.

• Greensburg, the southwest Kansas community that was rebuilt as a “green town” after being leveled by a tornado in May 2007. Mayor Bob Dixson gives a tour “and talks about being a conservation-minded conservative.”

• Pete Ferrell, who runs a commercial-scale wind farm on his cattle ranch and “talks about the challenges of cultivating renewable resources in the backyard of the powerful Koch Industries.”

• Julie Burkhart, who opened an abortion clinic last year in the same building where physician George Tiller once practiced. Burkhart worked for Tiller, who was shot to death by a Kansas City abortion opponent in 2009. “The new clinic just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and Burkhart discusses the challenges of keeping it going.”

• State Rep. Jim Howell, who talks about a state law he sponsored that voids all city and county gun restrictions. Wichita City Council member Janet Miller explains why she opposed the measure.

--Tim Engle,

Thanks Kansas City Star for the above.  Well done coverage. 

In part, I'm pleased the Star reported this in time for their readers to see it.  Actual television journalism today is pretty rare but MSNBC is trying hard, IMHO.  Maddow's their best but it was clear tonight she was impressed with her colleague Chris Hayes' team effort on this story.

In some cities, newspapers refuse to acknowledge that rare TV journalism exists.   Similarly, TV stations refuse to acknowledge there are any other TV stations in their city--and they never give aid and comfort to networks other than their own. 

See for yourself...

I saw MSNBC's first Kansas Report tonight (Monday, May 19th)  Serious journalism at work at MSNBC--Hayes and Maddow have given Kansas a lot of coverage lately.  .   If people didn't know who the Koch Brothers are, Wichitas own billionaires, well they did a fine job bringing people up to speed.

 It'd be worth while to wait for it to be put up on the internet.  Lots on Brownback, the Kochs, oil, wind and solar.. more.   It usually takes MSNBC a day or two to make their show videos available.  Here's the link to his shows:

Sadly, the right wing crowd doesn't have a TV that has an MSNBC channel.   They only eat the same dogfood which makes them the most uninformed people in America.

Just Fox and  'redneck reality shows' likeDuck Dynasty and Honey-Boo-Boo.

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