May 2, 2014


Other than Rachel Maddow on MSNBC dazzling us again tonight on how horribly botched that Oklahoma execution was, I'm surprised the story has nearly disappeared from the NewWires. 

Squirming Gov Mary Fallin R-OK
What's clear is that the Republican Governor looks horrible as does the Okla Supreme court for playing politics that unfortunately for them (and the convict)... went horribly wrong.. That is another matter and it's been discussed and will further.

It did occur to me this week a facet of the inhumane execution has not been considered.   I"ve noticed lots of old testament, 'vengeance-types' have commented on Facebook, "SO WHAT?" that he didn't get executed painlessly.  What about his victims?. Mmm, kay.....

There've been other botched executions, including one inmate who complained loudly before dying, his whole body was burning.... Well...


South Vietnamese mistaken napalm attack, 1972
We kill people with extreme prejudice. Shoot them, bomb them, blowing their arms, legs, heads off, drowning and trapping them in sinking ships, burning them alive in shot down airplanes, dropping napalm on them.

In past wars, we shot them with muskets and left them to die unattended on the battlefield. Luckier ones got finished off when we got around to it with a bayonet.

Then there's the torture chambers of the Church in the times we called "The Dark Ages", and even the execution of Christ-- nailed by the Romans to a cross to die of either exposure or the loss of blood by a spear.   It's how they did it!

We've never been really that 'humane' in how we kill each other.

It occurs to me that the RISKY HORROR of execution might actually be a better crime deterrent than delaying the vengeance killings for years, and then doing it painlessly.

Have you seen how quickly children readjust their behavior at even a minor threat of a simple spanking? Just give them the evil eye and touch your fingers menacingly to your leather belt! They straighten right up.  Not everyone's against the paddle!

Taking your chances with the Executioner.

Maybe... we should NOT have closed the curtain as the inmate lay slowly dying...we should have taped it and released the tape to the media..
. for potential killers who NEED TO SEE an EXECUTION and fear taking a chance on a well-executed execution... 

What do ya think?

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