May 18, 2014

Does anyone actually watch Sunday Morning Network Political shows anymore?

I don't even watch Sunday morning shows anymore... they're irrelevant, inside baseball, and they bring on too many propagandists to fill their airtime. I want truth, not talking points.

Former Bush strategist Karl Rove?   Fox staffer and the darling of all the BS Sunday talk shows Sunday for suggesting Hillary wasn't altogether after a fall?  The Joseph Goebbels of the Bush Election Machine?  And the networks fell for it, absent anything else they deem more interesting!  (Maybe they need to get out of the studio more!)

Well Republican Rove doesn't realize that we VIEWERS have his number already, even if the network news media doesn't!  The Republicans, with guys like him, have overplayed their hand and now Americans see through their rhetoric and find him both predictable and boring.

My BS Detector goes off every time the Bush team, from Rove to the Cheneys', open their mouths.  And most party hacks from BOTH parties, here, fully-coached with the Sunday talking points.

If anything will get me to watch Meet the Press again, it will be the host interrupting the propagandist and say, "Are you going to BS us with talking points again to my every question, or give us some truth....If you can't do that, take off your mic and get out of my studio right now... you won't be invited back!  We'll get through the hour without you!"

Polite, poised, pretty TV talk show hosts.  They won't do that though, because then they'll have to actually do some real show preparation other than browse this weeks internet posts and bring in political talkers to fill their airtime between commercials.

Eager political side propagandists want the airtime because they know how to escape network interviews unscathed, and they've all been coached how to turn around any question and sell their side's story to the low intelligence viewers.

Don't waste our time with the overly-coached talking point adversaries.
News programs shouldn't be a GOTCHA battle between hosts and interviewees. They always end in a draw, even with putting old archive tape in their faces--MTP style.    They should be about today's TRUTHS, not embarrassing their guests for gaffes or changing their minds.

Eliminate the "GOTCHA" strategy.  Bring on better hosts who know the issues.   Forget your dragging out old quotes designed to make interviwees squirm for entertainment purposes.   Lets move ON!   Where are we GOING TODAY???

ABC Nightline's Ted Koppel was a master at saying "I guess you're not going to answer my question, so let's just move on."

Nightline was a predecessor to news programs BEYOND the 30-minute newscast.   Koppel'd do 1-on-1 interviews and created the style.    For years, reporters asked his standard question to open up interviewers, "Give me a sense" of (whatever was the topic.)   It was his uncanny ability with that question to gets past the BS, just like an airport scanning machine. 

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