May 7, 2014

Dave Helling on Rachel Maddows show Wed abt MO POLITICS

Veteran KC Star and TV newsman Dave Helling appeared on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday night... the topic was -- to use Hellings words, Missouri's Southern-like political leanings over the past ten years.

Helling's poised, mature--gives good talking head!  He's one of KC's most seasoned and sterling reporters.

Sadly, videos of Rachel's nightly show on cable aren't instantly available.   Be watching for NBC to release the tape as Helling discusses Gov Nixon, St Louis Republican richguy Rex Sinquefield and the stranglehold Republicans have on state politics.

Missouri's been getting a lot of political press this week, since protestors shut down the Missouri senate for a time this week... urging a stubborn GOP Senate to get Missouri in line with Obamacare's MEDICAID plan.

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Well, Tony obviously got this tip from ME, but I'm mostly glad he GOT IT and POSTED it--for the STORY is vastly more important than the STORY-teller! So not that big a deal. My point was mostly that my former colleague Dave Helling spoke well for himself, for the Star, and for our state in a national venue!   Yes, that I worked with him once also makes me feel pretty good about myself as well...I admit that.  But he was hot decades ago!  An inspiration to everyONE of us back in the day!   Let's just be glad we still have that dude around still!

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