Jan 2, 2014

VIDEO HISTORY: The not-so secret takeover of America -- by the Koch Brothers

This is a MUST SEE VIDEO....it's long.  It's the history of the Tea Party and their behind the scenes benefactor... the oil polluting billionaire Koch Brothers who are manipulating millions of people and government...pretty much as a family Libertarian HOBBY!

Wooing ignorant and ordinary  patriots to join the Tea Party... looking very grass roots.  But it ain't so!

Getcha a sack lunch and watch this...and get very pissed off.  I will say, what I've seen in this, is consistent with what I've seen in the media in the past few years.  Put together, it's pretty scary.

Other things to check:

The Koch Libertarian Legacy. The GodBrothers Koch...and their daddy Fred Koch, who brought us the John Birch Society years ago.

Incredibly, who wanted JFK arrested for Treason!

Yes, this should be a movie script, not US history!  (Reprint from this blog last month.)  Google these people if you want to know more.

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