Jan 11, 2014

So who in KC's paying attention to the MO Legislature about to SCREW US? Check it.

Republican lawmakers attend Right-to-Work rally on first day of session

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House Speaker Tim Jones

House Speaker Tim JonesJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State lawmakers met today during a rally to show their support for Missouri to adopt a right-to-work legislation.  A crowed of over 100 people gathered in the House Lounge. While more than 25 lawmakers attended, the featured lawmakers were House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, and Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Springfield who were brought together by Right-To-Work supporters.

“In right to work states unionism doesn’t go away, it doesn’t disappear in fact it’s stronger.” Burlison said.
Jones also urged Missouri to become the twenty-fifth right-to-work state.

“This is good economic theory being put into practice,” Jones said.  Jones also stated that during the last decade RTW states have seen growth of three percent in employment, while non RTW States have seen a drop off of employment by three and a half percent.

Following the event Burlison said he has not personally been promised floor time for his RTW legislation. Burlison told The Missouri Times that Jones has assured him that RTW legislation will be brought to the floor. Burlison commended those who got up early and traveled through “horrendous weather.”

When asked about what adversity RTW legislation may have moving forward in 2014, Burlison said that Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon represented the biggest roadblock.

“Our biggest hurdle is the governor,” Burlison said. “The flow of money from the union members, to the bosses, to the governor is a well oiled machine.”

MAYBE... Certain bloggers and media outlets should do their jobs.    Cover stuff that really affects everyone, not just the relatives of murder victims.   (TV stations still have satellite trucks, don't they?  It'd be nice to watch the Jeff City politicians before they do their deeds while you're distracted with local cop news.)


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