Jan 6, 2014

Repubs SCOFFING about GLOBAL WARMING... NOT SO FAST! It's HOT out there.

The right wingers are all sniping about the cold wave and global warming.    All over the internet, theyre dragging out studies--a cold wave always brings out the "I told ya so" crowd from the right.  Al Gore's ears must be burning.


Now its SUMMER in the Southern Hemisphere. Check THIS from Sydney Australia...RECORD HOT TEMPS.

SYDNEY: Temperatures in Sydney hit their highest level on record on Friday, with the mercury in Australia's biggest city reaching 45.8 degrees Celsius (114.4 Fahrenheit) in the mid-afternoon.

Sydney's previous hottest recorded temperature was 45.3 degrees set in 1939.

"It's a historic day for Sydney today," Weather Channel meteorologist Dick Whitaker said.

"We haven't seen a day like this in Sydney's recorded history."

It is the latest record to fall as Australia swelters under a heatwave that has affected some 70 percent of the vast country and has created what some experts have called a "dome of heat" over the nation's outback centre.

The extreme weather, which has exacerbated bushfires, last week saw the government's weather bureau upgrade its temperature scale by introducing new colours to cover projected forecast highs.

At one point last week, central Australia was shown with a purple area on the bureau's forecast map, a new colour code suggesting temperatures were set to soar above 50 degrees (122 Fahrenheit).

() Weather report in Sydney Jan 5, 2014, during huge cold wave in the US.

Well, I'm just not sure about all this.  It's all too weird.  Like North America, right out of The Day After Tomorrow with all this frigid weather.  Canada reporting Lake Ontario is freezing over.   

Course the biggest weather deniers of all in America are the oil Billionaire Koch Brothers... whose front groups are funding their own phony researchers...and planting news stories in the media... so they can continue POLLUTION FOR PROFIT.

What would RUSH SAY on Monday, no doubt from his "Southern Command Studio" in Florida?

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