Jan 5, 2014

Rachel Refuses 2 read Koch Brothers Propaganda Letter to her. Big Deal Video!

Conservatives:  Rachel Maddow is MUST SEE TV on MSNBC if you want a balanced political diet!

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    Maddow Scorches Koch Brothers for Sending Her Legal Letter: I’m Not Reading Your Script

    • Radioman KC an hour ago
      Oh I think this whole thing is way bigger than Ron Paul. Think of this as a tapeworm in our belly and it wont' be easy to get it out. These nutcases who side with them do so knowingly or unknowingly.
    • Radioman KC an hour ago
      Hard to believe our nation's been invaded by a couple libertarian nutcase billionaires and their close friends who have no respect for our people or the Constitution we paid dearly for. This needs to be the beginning of a movement to show them, like their attempt to get the corporate raider elected in 2012, they will not succeed. WE will succeed. And we have to develop communication methods they can't stop to do it.

      And unless they have a standing army to take our country that can defeat us, we will not let them. Even tho their front groups fund the Tea Party, I don't think the Tea Party or the people who claim to support them, will back them.

      We need to find ways to reach them and teach them. Rachel's a good start. But only a start. It is not helpful that the Tea Partiers get us banned on Facebook so we can't take our case directly to their members.

      We have to figure out a way to get that social censorship to stop. My experience is that Facebook isn't listening and isn't responding. Perhaps they are starting to be part of the problem.

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