Aug 10, 2013

STAR: Republican's ALEC pipeline of bad ideas runs through Missouri, Kansas

(Star Opinion wakes Kansas Citians about Republican conspiracy movement in the states)

By Barbara Shelly

The Kansas City Star
State lawmakers aren’t very original. Bad legislation hops from one capital to another. And a big reason for that can be found in a meeting taking place in Chicago this week.

That would be the annual convention of the American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC. It’s a conservative organization that seeks to persuade state legislatures to promote policies which benefit corporate funders. That means bills favoring polluters over the environment, management over workers and school “choice” options over traditional public school systems.

ALEC has long promoted laws reducing or eliminating state income taxes. It has written model legislation requiring government-issued documents for voting. Its advocacy of the “stand your ground” gun laws has cost it some high-profile corporate funders.

The ALEC footprint is big in the GOP-controlled Missouri and Kansas legislatures. A report by The Center for Media and Democracy tallied up the ALEC-drafted bills introduced in state legislatures this year and found that Missouri introduced 21 bills, second highest in the nation behind West Virginia, with 25 bills.

ALEC is part of the reason the Missouri legislature has so much trouble passing laws to help its public schools with issues like student transfer policies and a better funding formula. ALEC members, especially House Speaker Tim Jones, persist in trying to attach some of the group’s educational agendas, like “parent trigger” laws, onto more standard education bills.

Many of the anti-worker bills introduced in Missouri this session, including attempts to marginalize unions, came directly from the ALEC playbook.

The ALEC influence can be seen in anti-worker and other bills introduced in the Kansas Legislature, too. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that more than two dozen state lawmakers were headed for the conference in Chicago, with some of them requesting taxpayer help with paying the registration fee.
AP reporter David Lieb, who is in Chicago, reports that this week’s meeting drew about as many protestors as participants.

ALEC’s defenders insist the group is no different than, say, the National Conference of State Legislators, which acts as a resource and idea-sharing group for state lawmakers. The comparison is completely lame. No other group exists to co-opt legislators into promoting self-serving conservative and corporate agendas. No other group has managing to export so many bad ideas into state capitals. ALEC is unique, and the protests going on in Chicago this week are on point. People need to know what this group is and what it wants.

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Aug 6, 2013

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Aug 1, 2013

So, FAUX, did you see on CNN today Benghazi really WAS a CIA DEN???

Radioman KansaSitty shared a link.
  • Radioman KansaSitty: OK MORE.... Just ask the Republicans where we should send flowers.

    I just don't think we had any intention of going in and making a bad situation worse in Behgazi by calling in the air cav.

    Remember the Mission Impossible line, "As usual, if you are captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your mission"?

    63 State Dept people died under Bush during his 8 years, Not 4. 63. And Reagan got us caught with our pants down at the Beirut Barracks in Lebanon. And Carters unlucky failed Hostage rescue. Shit happens.

    Pearl Harbor happened. And 9-11. Its a war. Wars have casualties. It isn't a video game. Benghazi was just FOx's last attempt to get Obama defeated and it didn't work. 

    If we weren't going to try Bush, Cheney and Rumy for war crimes over IRAQ, well this is pretty small potatos by comparison. Sadly the Republicans don't have their shit together yet since their 2012 defeat, so they're just refighting the election. Spinning wheels. Wasting energy...and more valuable TIME with their internal power struggles. Does Karl Rove think the results in Ohio aren't final yet?

    The new phrase that soooo fits for Tea Partiers, called Koch Suckers. They're all going to be exactly as relevant as Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.

    Surely you're noticing a SEA CHANGE in Internet politics. Rush's desperation, Faux in trouble. Laughing stock Sarah Palin... the pending defeat of Senator Obstruction from Kentucky.

    I think the Republicans have opened up their vein and just haven't bled out yet. Big mistake letting themselves get hijacked by corporate America and the nutcase Koch Oil Libertarians and their billions. 

    Obstruction to prevent public jobs during a bad economy was just a HORRIBLE strategy for them in the long run and their aging white base is dying off. 

    And holding down the minimum wage which is killing small business. Nobody's got any money, there's no demand...when people only have enough money to shop at Walmart and go on food stamps.

    And fighting Obamacare that, for MOST people, is WORKING...with kids staying on parental policies, and an end to pre-existing condition restrictions. More bad strategies. And the women's issues to please the evangelicals? There's Republican blood all over the bathroom floor!

    I think all the Obamacare fines will blow over. Once we have MEDICARE FOR ALL in place, to handle what they do so well --and so efficiently -- for Seniors, employers can get out from under the yoke of providing health care to workers. We won't have to pay insurance company stockholders and CEOs. And business get rid of this mickey mouse shit to hiring and training armies of inexperienced part time workers to skirt the fines.

    If the republicans weren't so interested in making Obama a one term president, we might have had a good health care bill RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE. But Boehner and the libertarians had their own agenda with the black guy. They had their arms folded and they just said NOPE.

    What's too bad for THEM is that Obama isn't HALF as much of a moron as the last 3 presidential candidates the GOP's fielded! And the primaries? What a circus! OBAMA WON REELECTION EVEN AFTER BEING inexperienced in his first term, but he's IN IT now. 

    2014's going to be horrible for the GOP. And I think they know it!

    Russ Weiss: Didn't Issa or another Republican accidentally "out" Benghazi as a CIA outpost during the hearings?

    Radioman KansaSitty:  I dunno. I knew it before the election. I knew the administration wasn't going to talk about it. Why tip our hands on US policy to the Muslims? It was clear... our people were in there trying to figure out where Egypt's weapons were. But Fox wanted to end-run Obama within days...Hannity screeching, Greta with a big scoop with only secret sources.  ...  All but the dead Ambassador just SMELLED LIKE CIA!    And Fox went into a "What did Obama know and when did he know it?"   But it was too late.

    Russ Weiss KansaSitty Well DONE, Russ! And yet over at Fox and the main Tea Party sites, the Band Plays ON!8 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1