Aug 6, 2013

Dozens of Political Facebook page links... Progressive and Conservative. Check it

Facebook Links

We Facebook political activists MUST reach the uninformed with our very best, most logical writing.    Don't just preach to the choir--fellow progressives.   Be a teacher on balanced and Conservative FB pages.    Protest GENTLY, thoughtfully, not angrily-- unless you just want to get kicked off, and lose your influence.

Your Reps and Senators often will leave your protests on their timelines.  DO not let propaganda go unanswered!  Respond with truth there, several times a week!


Power To The Voters - Missouri Democrats   (PUBLIC "Group" 4 progressive like you   Click it, check it....Request to "Join Group" to comment there.)

Missouri Groups - many national issues of interest to Missourians


BEING LIBERAL (million members) 

HUFFINGTON POST National important Site   liberal news reporting

ALTERNET National important Site  liberal, okay to comment

Teabonics - pithy progressive, okay to comment

 Americans Against the Tea Party  


RadiomanKC  Progressive blog

Formidable Republican Opposition      Liberal 50,000 readers

The OTHER 98 PCT Liberal     

Daily Beast  Liberal Pithy News - recommended

MEDIATE  key mainstream NEWS MEDIA watchdog.  Watch it!
Flyover Culture    liberal

Addicting Information    Liberal

Robert Reich Facebook - national progressive thinker

Think Progress    Liberal 
George Takai    Star TRek actor,  gay humorist to make your day
Gay Rights Media
        ethical reporters vs Fox

The Washington Post    mainstream, slightly liberal


Real Truth Now  -- you'll friend this liberal FB page


  Important (but Conservative)  News Links  Check Daily

The TEA PARTY.NET   Major conservative site

The FOX NATION   Conservative  -- comment here

FOX News  Conservative propaganda Facebook pg  -- comment here
Tea Party Patriots     Conservative nutcases

The Hill    important conservative news site -  comment to DC politicians and media
Real Truth Now Blog  -- BALANCED site, okay to comment


RASMUSSEN POLL  Conservative pollster

National Review   Conservative

Cato Institute   Conservative
CNS NEWS  Conservative

Heritage Foundation   Conservative

Koch Brothers'  Americans for Prosperity   Conservative

Paul Ryan   Libertarian Budget Conservative
American Family Foundation  

Washington Times  DC, Key conservative newspaper takes comments

Family Research Council     pro life conservative

The Guardian of London newspaper  BALANCED, takes comments

Human Events    Conservative

Rick Santorum   conservative religious nut

Gov Jan Brewer  Arizona conservative nutcase
Gov Sam Brownback Ks   conservative nutcase

Ted Cruz    Texas conservative nutcase

Jon McNaughton,  Conservative, religious artist

The ACLJ  (I forgot)

Senator Roy Blunt  Missouri sold out conservative senator

Politico   influential news site to watch, and comment

Newsbusters    Conservative MEDIA watchdog

Mike Huckabee   Fox Religious nutcase showhost 
Karl Rove     Bush hasbeen political strategist, conservative

DAILY Caller    conservative news site, propagandist

Kris Kobach   Ks Sec of State fascist conservative

Sarah Palin  who can see Russia from her House, conservative opportunist

Elect AllenWest   black conservative who's shot himself in the foot

Mo Senator Roy Blunt     Republican Tea Partier, loyal to the corporations


Radioman's Best of the Web
Hundreds of other links--politics, news, government, consumer, knowledge, art, music, humor

If you have a substantial list, Message this page, or EMAIL for me to add to this list.

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